Bio-Violence is a wicked new thrash metal band with a new release on Candlelight Records and here is an interview with band member: Giannis “Desaster” Lagoutaris
How did the band form and what is the current line-up of the band these days? 
Hello, and thanks for the invitation for this interview! The band formed by Lefteris (vocals) and Antonis (Guitars) on late 2010. The reason was simple. They wanted to play their favorite kind of music as faster and heaviest as it could be! At the moment the only original member is Lefteris and we are me on Bass and backing vocals, Thanasis and Stavros on Guitars and Tomek on Drums.
How long was the band around before you released your 2010 demo called “Ear Piercing Thrash” and what was the response like to this demo? 
I think it was recorded 1-2 months after the band was born and the response was amazing for a young band with no experience at all. The Greek people (and not only!) liked it very much. Actually, by the time we uploaded these demos, we got record deals from some small labels and that helped us go on.
The band is based out of Greece. How is the music scene out there these days and are there many places to play? 
Last years the metal scene in Greece is going stronger and stronger! Especially thrash metal has a pretty big recognition these days, and probably that is because there are a lot of new (and really good) bands that come out and work really hard. That makes the people want to support that music style more!
You did a split in 2011 called “Endless Violence”. Who was split with and who put it out and is it still available? 
We did it we the Turkish band Destructive and it was released by Coffinfeeder Distro. I don’t think there are still copies available, but anyone interested can give it a search on thew internet.
In 2012, you released your first full length called ‘Ear Piercing Thrash”. Who put that out and what are your thoughts on it these days? 
Our first album was released by Athens Thrash Attack and later by Floga Records on vinyl edition. It got very good critics around the world that that was something we would never think. At the end of the year we saw our album in a lot of “best thrash albums of the year” etc. lists. At the moment, it is sold out and we are going to re-release it in the next months. Today, when we think about this album we know we could do it a lot better, on the production and the, but it was our first effort and we are happy with the reactions of the fans even if it is not our best shot!
How was the experience like for you going in to record your first full-length release? Did everything go smoothly in the studio? 
It was a cheap recording solution on George Emmanuel’s (Rotting Christ) home studio, and mixed/masterd by Nick Papakostas at Entasis Studio. We were young with not so many expectation, but it was fun recording our really first record!
Now just recently you released “Tormenting The Innocent” on Candlelight Records. How did you hook up with them and how has it been working with them so far? 
It was very fast! When we were still on the recording session of the new album, we got an email by Candlelight’s owner saying that they want us to their roster (for sure our best achievement till today). Till today everything seems to work fine with them and they really promote us and give us a lot of attention.
Where did you record your new album and easy was it to get all the writing of the songs for this album?
The recording process of our new album took place at Basement studio last April till May. This was a really different situation than the 1st ones. This time we wanted to make everything perfect so we work really harder! I think the result can prove it! The mixing and mastering was made by the awesome Andi Classen at Stage One Studio (Destruction,Tankard,Krisiun,Violator,Belphegor,Legion of the Damned).
Who writes the lyrics and what are some things that you like to write about? 
Lefteris writes all the lyrics and our main themes are about gore situations, violence, pain, betrayal and also some more social stuff.
Have you played live a lot and do you think you’re a good live band and are any live clips up on sites like You Tube? 
We always try to be better live but I think we are in a good level without being so “fake” on stage. If you search on the internet you will sure find some “homemade” videos but not any official live footage yet.
Now let’s talk about the vocals as I am sure you know they are hit and miss with some thrash fans. Have you gotten much flak about them and where did you find your singer at? 
Indeed, it’s a love it or hated singing style, but most people seem to like the extreme feeling the give. Lefteris is a founding member and this was already his style.
For someone who has never heard the band, what would you say the band sounds like? 
Do you feel there is way too many bands in the scene today making it harder for bands such as yourselves to be noticed?
I think it is good that many people have the opportunity to form a band and that the good ones will be noticed sooner or later.
How much time is spent doing band related stuff and do you practice a lot during any given week? 
I spend every day doing bands stuff. As for rehearsing, we try to do as much as we can every week. 2-3 at least!
Thrash metal has had its ups and downs over the years, where do you see thrash metal in 5 years? 
You never know what will happen in the future, but at the moment it still looks very strong and that it has lot to give to the people.
What are some of the best live bands/shows you have seen in the past few years?
The big 4 tour (actually that was my first thrash live) on 2010 was one of the greatest shows I’ve seen. I also loved Kreator, Obituary, Watain, Necromantheon, Suicidal Tendencies, Heathen, Gamma Ray, Lamb of God… 
Do you as a band, have any goals for yourselves? 
Our first big goal was to find a good label. The second one is to find a good tour. We already achieved the one, and I hope we will also do the other.
What are some things you like to do when your not doing band related stuff? 
I love NBA (Chicago Bulls!) and I also play a lot of PC games.
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Any last words and horns up for the interview
Thanks for giving us the chance for this interview!

Interview by Chris Forbes
Answers by Giannis “Desaster” Lagoutaris (bass, vocals)

March 2015