Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it.
I started Bret Hard Records in May 2007 for my ex-Band Sunsetdown with Peter (the Singer of the Band). In 2010 we started the Label more professional and worked together with Twilight Distribution. Today i run Bret Hard together with Thorsten Doering. 
We release Metal in all styles , but we will focus on the extreme stuff. That´s the way we like it.
Today we work with H´art Musik and SAOL for Distribution and CMM GmbH for promoting our releases.

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase.
Ok, let´s go. The first record we made with Twilight was the „Alchera – Era" Album. We released it in May 13th 2010. It´s a melodic Death/Black Metal masterpiece with it´s own Style. It was released as a Digipak with a nice apocalyptic Artwork. If you like Dark Tranquillity, Dissection and old In Flames stuff, buy it!
The second release is the „Leviathan – Beyond the Gates of Imagination Part 1" Album. It´s very progressive melodic Death Metal in the Vein of Wintersun and Children of Bodom, combined with some folk influences. The second Part „The Aeons Torn" will be released on January 25th 2013. It contains a new 25 minutes Track parted in five pieces and the new mixed and mastered Debut EP „From the desolate inside" which was Demo of the Month in german Metal Hammer.
A big project was the „Mayhem Club Vol.1" Sampler. I gathered the Metal Scene of my hometown (Cologne and Bonn) on a two disc CD Sampler. It contains 37 tracks and got a 20 page booklet with lots of Photos and Info. If you´re interested in our local scene, that´s the best choice. It was released on April 8th 2012.
In 2013 we rise again wth some new records. On february 1st 2013 the the record of my own Band SKUM called „Prašina" comes on CD and LP (180g red Vinyl with album on CD, Poster and Lyric Sheet). It contains a Death / Thrash Metal blast for fans of new Carcass, Entombed and old Sepultura. Something special are the lyrics which came in english, german and croatian. Don´t miss it.
On February 22nd Sabiendas will release their oldschool Death Metal Debut Album „Restored to life". If you´re into Grave, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, that´s the stuff you like!
And last but not least we release the Debut Doom Album „Nether Regions" of Lilith Laying Down on March 8th 2013. If you like clean vocals and heavy doom stuff in the veign of Candlemass, type o Negative and Opeth , check it out.
All records are still available and you can order it at our Webstore!

What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label?
We´re looking for Bands who work hard for their Vision. You must have the spirit, if you know what i mean. It´s important that i like the Bandmembers to have a good cooperation. Bret Hard is a small Metal Label. The Band has to work a lot on their own. We can distribute and promote the records but it´s important that the Bands work together with us. If you want to be a Rockstar, go fuck yourself.

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration?
Bands can contact me via E-Mail ( or they can send me a promo package by mail. Your Band recorded a new record, its qualitiy is very good, you can play your instruments? Get in touch!

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands?
It´s important that i like the music and the people in the Band. I can offer a very good distribution and a good promotion company. We work with H ´art Music, that´s one of the biggest Distributors in Germany to get your stuff in stores and mailorders. For promotion we work with CMM, they do the promotion for Iron Maiden, Slyer , Ozzy Osbourne... as well. So that´s a nice environment to work with.

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed?
Yeah, we got a lot of ideas and plans. We´re working on new contacts to get our Bands on the road. That´s a hard job, but if you want to get bigger you have to play a lot of Shows. And the other thing is, we want to release more records on Vinyl too. But that´s an expensive thing, so we have to earn some money. But i hope there will be more Vinyl releases in the future.

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us?
We wait for the new Debt of Nature Album. They´ll enter the Stage One Studio of Andy Classen in April and i hope we can release this new Death/Grind Attack in July. And the we work on the new Beltez record called „Tod:Part 1". It´s the first one after eleven Years and in 2013 the waiting will be finished. Expext a great Black Metal record.

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links.
Ok, here´s all you need:

Online Shop:


Bret Hard Records
An der Herrenwiese 8
53721 Siegburg

November 2012