Country: Sweden
Title: Pansar
Label: Iron Blood Death Corp.
Year: 2017
Style: Thrash Death Metal

It seems this is the second version of Bulletsize's fourth album, as the first one was a self-release, in 2016, apparently IBDC picked it up and re-released it this year. Anyway, what matters is the Swedes are back with a new attack, a followup to their 2013 Numb, following the same path, a mix of Thrash and Death Metal, an energetic structure, mostly fast paced, with a fair share of mid-tempo parts to let you breathe, and with a few melodic guitar leads to colour everything. I have to be honest I didn't like the drums' sound at first, they seemed too upfront, capturing the attention more than they sould have, but after a couple of spins I'd say I got used to the whole production and enjoyed Bulletsize's new material. We're dealing here with a quite old-school approach, heavy and furious most of the time, but easy to folow and digest; unfortunately the memorable parts are missing except for some clever guitar leads, so I'd say that's the area the band has to work more in the future. A good, solid album, try it out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10