Greetings Andrea, how's life in Italy nowadays? Are you guys football fans (although probably all Italians are...)? What teams are your faves in the band? How did you enjoy this season with Juventus almost unbeatable?
Greetings, i have a bad news for you i do not love football, but as you say in italy almost everyone love it. It is an optimal control of the masses, as any other religion or political movement. Apparently we are free persons, but whatever we do is guided by media, we matter just as consumers.

So there are 20 years of Corpsefucking Art this year, a hell of a lot of time. You're the only founding member still in the band, how was it all these years when you look back? What were the biggest successes and what were the biggest disappointments for yourself personally, and for the band?
Exactly are 23 years, eheh a long trip into death metal. Anyway during the years the band has always developed positively. The highest point i believe was the tour in the Usa in the 2014, to travel and bring our music on stages it is the best

You have a new line-up since 2014, after the release of your latest album. Why the line-up change right after the release? Who are the current members and how steady do you see this new group?
Before the recording of the album "Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa" our second guitarist Marco moved to Los Angeles for working reasons, and the old singer just after the master degree had to do a choice, he also lives in another city and was complicate for him to follow the many live concerts. Now, with Mario (Devangelic/Vulvectomy) and Francesco, the line up is stable, and we are working hard for the future.

The band haven't released anything new since 2014, so what did you guys do in the meantime, only live shows in support of Quel cimitero accanto alla villa, or also composing new stuff? When can we expect a new album? Will there be any major (or even minor) changes in Corpsefucking Art's music?
We focused on the promotion of the last album. After the tour in Usa we played in several European fests and did also some shows in our country. Actually we are working on the songwriting of the songs for the new album and the lyrics. Certainly after the summer we will be ready for the recording of the new album. The first 3 songs of the new album are ready and they sound like the natural evolution of the songs in "Quel Cimitero..", it is not a secret we love first albums 'Cannibal Corpse and so we will get inspired trying to elaborate different solutions.

Is the band still on Sevared or are you looking for other options?
We have still not decided, Sevared was always great with us and helped us for our requests, for sure it is the label that will have priority, but to valuate eventual other offers has not to be excluded.

Where does the band name come from and what does it mean?
The name of the band is a clear tribute to the master diector Buttgereit and his masterpiece Nekromantik. Corpsefucking Art it is a documentary in funny style, where actors laugh and joke before filming scenes of decapitations or weird sex. The author present this work, his magic and the behind the scene of a movie that describe the morbid perversions of necrophilia, primordial chaos.

You've just announed the release of a DVD. Do you think fans are still looking for this format? Are Italian fans still buying physical releases?
Yes the dvd will be released very soon. In italy it is a format that still people are looking for, and i liked the idea to give to our fans an official live with a good audio and a professional filming. The physical copies are regularly bought in italy but also in other countries, the passion for death metal is still alive.

Please tell us something about what this DVD features.
In the dvd are included 2 full concerts realized in 2013 and 2014, filmed professionally by Headbanging Production, that is the same team that is collaborating for realizing "Mr. Daisy - The Movie". The first concert it is the release party for "Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa" and the second is a concert with the band DEAD. 70 minutes of pure brutal death metal.

How come you decided to release it on two South American labels? Ever been to South America? Do you plan to visit it with the band sometime soon?
In the last years we collaborated with several labels to release our official merchandise, one of those was the Rotten Cemetery Records from Chile that was immediately interested to release our official DVD, and will print also the official shirt of the release and other promo materials. The Grinder Cirujano Records Records from Argentina choosed also to support the release. It was just by case that the 2 labels are from South America, i have never been there but i have some friends there and would love to visit that area one day.

Who took care of the cover artwork? Why this title for the DVD?
The cover of the Dvd, as all the layout, was created from Francesco, our singer. He is a professional graphic designer with many years of experience. The title is taken from a song that is included in our third full length "Zombiefuck" and was supposed to be a tribute to the movie "Beverly Hills Cops", the cover looks very similar to the one of the original movie, there is only one mask more eheh.

Tell us about Mr. Daisy - The Movie.
Mr-Daisy the movie is a short movie of the hero that is on all our album covers, named intact Mr. Daisy. Lately i started to collaborate con la Headbanging Production, they really believed in my first screenplay and we started to create this serial, a kind of psichological splatter grotesque story that will be developed in several episodes. We have almost concluded the first pilot episode.

What's in plan for the band in what concerns live gigs this year? What's the even you expect the most?
We will do some European festivals and some concerts in our country to promote the release of the DVD. As i said before, we are already working at the new album and we are planning a 2017 Usa tour to support the following release.

Please recommend us some upcoming names from the Italian Death Metal scene.
Lately with my label Despise the Sun Records i printed the first album of the band "Fulci" a new band that definitely i recommend. I wanted also to talk about my other projects "Morbo", Death metal style more focused on early 90's , we already released our first album. The italian death metal scene is really very alive, there are many quality bands around.

Thanks a lot for your time, much appreciated! Best of luck with the band!
Thanks a lot for your time and the space allowed to us. For insults and handshacking please go to

Interview by Adrian

May 2016