Country: France
Title: Froid | Nuit
Label: Wolfspell Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Croc Noir was founded in 2017 as a duo and quite fast they managed to release 2 EPs on digital and cassette format, so it was about time they get the CD treatment as well; in collaboration with Wolfspell Records they gathered the material from their 2 EPs and released it on Digipak format, an almost an hour of material that from my point of view doesn't differ too much and keeps quite the same direction, a simple, straight forward, mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal for fans of the traditional and simple approach, without any additional effects from keys or whatever, just the reqular instruments (real drums would have been way better though, the synthetic drum machine is annoying at times) and the atmosphere created by them. The atmospheres are, indeed, excellent, cold and sinister as they should be, so from this point of view I think the band has what it takes to become an important name in their game, but on this compilation unfortunately there's nothing surprising or overly impressive especially these days when there are some real treats in this scene, and to tell you the truth the drum machine is the biggest turn off for me, but if you think you'd have no problem with that, give the band a chance. I'd compare their type of Black Metal with Sombre Croisade's, what do you think?
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10