Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Hi! It's Dmitry, frontman, speaking. 
Regretfully we had a lot of lineup changes - both in Novosibirsk and already in Oslo after I moved. Novosibirsk is a place infamous for cancelling Behemoth gig, Marilyn Manson gig, Cradle Of Filth gig.. It is approximately 3 times bigger than Oslo by population, but I know only 3 drummers who were capable of playing what we play in Defect Designer... if not 3 people who could do blastbeats at all :) 
We were a 5-piece band in Novosibirsk, but after some changes I had to take a guitar and combine it with vocals, as replacements took too long. We had the first replacement right before the serious trip to Poland's Hertz Studio and the new person, my close friend, saved the recording. It was a disaster, the whole process, and would be worse if not him. I would say, we were really not ready for serious work that time. 
Band was one of the big reasons I wanted to move, and I never regret. No enthusiasm and fatigue of people, alcoholism of bassist who turned a complete lumpen in 22..
In Oslo it was not so easy to find lineup too. Finding bassist is something that is especially strange. I can now write a book about only how I was looking for a bassist - and it will be a gigantic novel about idiots. Starting from a guy who, knowing that I said I pay for future recording, promised some label we shall go to their studio disclosing our demo tabs, while being familiar we did not have a line-up, even guitarists, at that time, the fellow who was not able to record bass for 2 songs within 9 months; - to the fellow who boasted on how professional he is and that he's played >1000 gigs for money and then showing up to play without having listened any song: "so what tunes do I play here?".There are more stories of this kind. Both of these fellows shout they are professional bassists. 
I managed to have dysfunctional lineup and I saw it was dissolving, so I bought bass to back up on the recording and wrote to a number of people. We tried to play with SepticFlesh guitar player Stelios and it worked really well on the "AA" demo. It took me 4 hours to do both vocals and bass (which is little less than 9 months for same amount of songs). At first, Mike Smith from Suffocation did the drums, and it was really nice, but then when Flo replied, I understood we have to continue recording with him. We have gravity blasts and all the infernal stuff you hear in Ageing Accelerator. 
It was a very emotional period for me when I understood no one will be in. I am in the other country, I do not know anyone, have no friends and I am completely alone. I think in total I wrote more than a thousand emails only to people inside Norway. 
Flo did drums and then Stelios did 90% of guitars, so I went to Athens to meet Christos, Spiros and Stelios to fix the stuff, do vocals, see Athens. Even when people screw up, they want to be gentle, so in Athens got message from the first bass dude I wrote about who said he did all the bass, but HDD crashed. Surely he did, as he did not have tabs for most of the songs. 
Little before my trip to Athens I met Martin, who changed the album sound a lot. His wife is a photographer, and she is Russian, so I asked if she can take pics of hypothetical lineup, and she came with Martin. So he was willing to join. We were drinking beer and speaking of music and in the end he said that he played in some big festival I knew a lot about. "What? What band did you play with?", - "Trollfest". This was funny. I was listening to Trollfest since their very first full-length in 2004! Awesome and funny to find out the person you talk to was in such a band!  
After I returned from Athens we did solos and Martin did clean vocals and I continued to look for lineup. So during one evening I was so sad that I started looking at ex-members of bands outside Oslo with hope they are ex-members because they had to relocate. That's how I wrote to Anders who was in Blood Red Throne. 
Continuing about bassists on a very sad note. Tomorrow I go to a funeral of Stephanie whom I wrote few months ago. She was extremely professional and passionate about the band. She died of cancer several days ago. I have never seen such a dedication in any human being. She was playing with us after the treatment therapy and I have never seen such dedication before. She played even when she could not walk and we were speechless after. No one would have left the room under such a condition. This is extremely sad part for us and for all the bands she'd been into. 

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
There is a mix of hundreds of bands. Impossible to mention all. I listen a lot. Edge Of Sanity and Dan's projects, Dimmu Birgir (ha, also not sure if I would move to Norway if I haven't heard their Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia), Sliplnot, Cradle, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, early Hypocrisy, Karaboudjan and Pan-Thy-Monium (yes, I know I mentioned Dan before), System Of a Down, Deicide, Massive Attack, Limp Bizkit (one of the main inspirations for bass)... I better stop or I will mention all of my collection. 

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
With Ageing Accelerator I truly believe that it can be favorite record of a listener. I spent a year to make it less complicated and Martin contributed a lot. It is avantegarde, I think that it has quite different songs (also some have orchestral samples and some not) and some surprises. It is ire death metal that is technical and yet easy listening. 
But what is most important to me, it does not have a single "filler" riff. One of the reasons it took so long to do the album was that songs passed thousands of changes - some riffs belonged to other parts, but worked much nicely with how it is now. A lot of riffs were cut from the record, because they were not crushing enough. To me. I wanted to satisfy only one person actually. 
First album was the same, but it was much more complicated. It was intended to be non-easy listening. 
Attention helps our dedication. Fuels. It is a warm feeling to know someone has a piece of plastic we have put so much efforts into. 

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We have released Wax album before, quite long ago already actually. I like it very much with the reaction. The album we had is more extreme and definitely not an easy listening thing. I wanted it to be liked by those who understand complex music and then to me the pleasure of understanding of the album is much stronger than pleasure of getting into a simple thing. Understanding a music sometimes is an intellectual achievement itself. We had completely different parts of strings - two guitars and bass. If you listen to the right guitar, you get one song, if you listen only to the left, you get the other, and a combination is something else. Sometimes one guitar has dominating melody, sometimes other and sometimes it is up to you to choose what you listen. 
We had either great rates for reviews or the same review description with lower rates, but the words were completely the same - just some people like hard stuff and some - not. 
Before Wax we had a demo "W", and the reaction on the demo was great. We enjoyed the demo ourselves and it was the most important moment, - I knew after demo that full-length is coming. 
And the demo of Ageing Accelerator is EP "AA", 2 songs that we re-recorded in album versions. It was a test of how it'd work with musicians all over the world, and it was great, so we even did a Lyric Video on Yellow Grimace song. 

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Well, we have a pause and continue hopefully soon. 

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
No Clean Singing helped us and we are extremely grateful to them. Also Terrorizer magazine was doing interviews with us. Metalunderground posted a very touching note when we got signed to our label and I do not know if we would have survived without this attention. They always helped to spread our news and it was really important for us. The first zine that posted info about us was BW and BK, Martin Popoff did an article about us and it also was very important to have this signal. 
We post tabs and news with Guitar Pro, as this company helped the band a lot. We are the first band ever to get their endorsement and we were in Siberia that time. It is very important for me to be with them and we would not exist without them having our logistics. Seymour Duncan posted about us too as well as a number of other companies we use. 
We invest really a lot in our sound and in quality, you have to be dedicated to play what we play. 

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Gigging. We carry on and we do gigs - this is the plan. And, of course, but as always, thinking of new sound, next music release. We will release one cover relatively soon and it is going to be a big surprise. Plus we want to have more videos and soon will see how many songs we can do. Plenty of plans :)

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? - this is our official bandcamp. And Ageing Accelerator will also be available on all digital marketplaces. Worldwide the album will be distributed through Plastic Head Distribution. 
But if you have a chance, go to our bandcamp and see the charming smile from our CD artwork.

August 2015