Desekryptor are a crushing old school death metal band from Indiana and here is an interview with band member well sort of band member see below. The band members are remaining anonymous in DESEKRYPTOR, therefore P.A. is answering (or Putrefying Alchemator if you prefer).

Now how did the band form as I can see all 3 of you are in other bands? The other bands you are in are they still current and if so which is the main band for each member?
For E.S. his other current bands are Nak'ay and Warsleaze; T.S. is only doing DESEKRYPTOR at the moment; for myself it's Scythemaster and Ecferus. I would say whichever band we're focused on at the moment is the main one.

Now how did the forming of the band come together?
We've known each other for a while through our other bands and knew that joining forces would produce devastating results.

How is the underground metal scene in Indiana? Are there many other good bands or places to play out there?
Could be better, could be worse. In Fort Wayne, some bands present and past of note are The Lurking Corpses, Swamp Squat, Hordes of Lunar Eclipse, Graves of the Endless Fall.

How did you come up with the name and were any other names thrown around before you came up with the name Desekryptor? Does the name mean anything?
All the good names are taken so we threw shit in a blender and chose the one with the most putrid stench: DESEKRYPTOR!!!

Who came up with the cool logo for the band?
The logo and all artwork up to this point has been executed by the most demented of artists, Alex Shadrin.

Now how long was the band together before you released your 1st demo simply called “Demo 2016”?
Honestly it's hard to pin down a timeline, but we came in with riffs right out of the gate and started working. I'd say the demo was completed a few months after forming.

How was it going into the studio to record this demo and did the band as a whole have pretty much everything ready to go before you went in?
A lot of ideas came together during recording. Recording has been another extension of the writing process really.

Did you send the demo to many webzines and labels? How was the feedback on the demo?
We sent out a few promos and it didn't take long for it to get picked up. Feedback has been good and it sold out from us pretty quickly.

Have you had a chance to play live much? If so are any live clips on sites like You Tube?
We haven't played any shows yet but have been waiting for the right time to start rehearsing. E.S. is touring with Nak'ay right now, once that wraps up the plan is to begin rehearsals with a dedicated bass player.

For someone who has never heard the band what would you say the band sounds like?
Death metal with reverence for the old ways without entering worship territory. We like old school aesthetics but aren't afraid to follow the riffs down fucked up rabbit holes.

I recently got a chance to review you crushing new release called “Chasm of Rot”. How did the songs for this release come together?
E.S. contributed a lot more on this one which gave the songs more twists and turns and unpredictability. There's no mastermind songwriters, everyone's coming with riffs and ideas.

How did you end up signing with Ghastly Apparition Records?
We posted a link to the demo on a metal forum and they contacted us shortly afterwards. They're relatively new but putting out some high quality releases.

How does a song of the band come together and how much is spent in any given week doing band related stuff?
Once we put our heads together with our respective riffs songs come together really fast. However the actually writing and documenting of those riffs is sporadic because of our other projects. Right now E.S. has a TON of great riffs written for our full length but I'm way behind. Therefore if it's a period time when we're focused on DESEKRYPTOR ample time is devoted to it. Otherwise it's fermenting while we work on other shit.

Could you ever see the band on a big independent label one day or you don’t give a shit about that?
Depends on your definition of big but in general no and no. I don't really anticipate a big label being into it, and if they were I think we'd inevitably begin to write utter shit. That's how it usually goes down.

Please plug any websites and/or merchandise the band has?
Soon we'll have tapes of the new "Chasm of Rot" demo. In addition, UK label Cavernous Records is releasing a CD compilation of both demos soon.

Horns up for doing this interview and any last words to say?
Thanks for the questions and Stay tuned for further descent into the ever-devolving CHASM OF ROT!!!

Interview by Chris Forbes

May 2017