Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
Hello Thrashers and Punkers! This is Bran Damage, guiterrorist and lead vocalist of the Texas Street Metal band, Electric Vengeance. Our new album is entitled “Manic Possession”, consisting of 10-songs that’ll get you mosh skanking, your head banging, and may cause you to commit random acts of insanity and shouts of profanity. Though we were not intending on writing a concept album, the concept of possession appears many times throughout the album. All in all, “Manic Possession” is a fun, fresh, heavy album that has something for all types of Punks, Thrashers, and Metal Heads to bash to. I, personally, am very proud of the album, and it has received, and continues to receive, great reviews from the Dallas/Fort Worth scene, as well as from reviewers from around the world.
Here is a breakdown of the songs on “Manic Possession”:
1. “VENGEANCE IS SERVED” – An instrumental intro that sets the tone of the album and will give the listener a taste of things to come with an electric crunch-punch in the face.
2. “ELECTRIC HARRY” – This song was written while we were possessed by our demigod, “Electric Harry”. Electric Harry, in human form, was a Punk/Thrasher who was wrongful accused of a crime that he didn’t commit and was sentenced to fry by the system. In order to get his vengeance, his spirit takes possession of his “chosen three”, Trey Lunabomber, Napaulm, and I, and guides us in seeking his justice while in turn recruiting trues to the Street Metal Attack. “Electric Harry” has an 80’s Thrash Metal, melodic vibe to it with a strong hook. Lyrics written by Trey and I.
3. “POSSESSED IN THE PIT” – “Possessed” is ideal to follow “Electric Harry”. It was inspired by my and Trey’s brother, Chris. Chris will literally change into this possessed beast and go nuts in the pit during our live shows. We all know that Electric Harry has a hand in possessing Thrashers like Chris and fellow Street Metal Attackers, so this inspired Trey to write the lyrics to “Possessed In the Pit”. “Possessed In the Pit” is super heavy and has a Crossover Thrash feel to it.
4. “THE FIVE POINTS” – One of the most melodic songs on the album, “The Five Points” is a song about one of the worst places to ever exist in the history of our world, at the intersection of Cross, Anthony, Little Water, Orange, and Mulberry streets in 19th century Manhattan. It details, in the vernacular used in 19th century New York, the daily, horrific struggle one had to endure in order to survive living in these dreadful streets. “The Five Points” is in the vein of early Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, and Diamond Head. One for the NWOBHM lovers. Lyrics written by me.
5. “pARASITIC pUNX!” – A big contrast to “The Five Points”, “Parasitic Punx!” starts out with Slayer-like intro and transitions into a fast-tempo Punk Rock song. It’s tells about a group of people who claim to be everything Punk Rock but actually live a lifestyle that totally contradicts what the Punk Rock attitude is all about. Instead of uniting the scene, they segregate the scene and bring negativity to it. These “punx!” are compared to parasites. It’s a fun, upbeat Street Punk-like song, with hints of Crossover Thrash. Lyrics written by me and Trey.
6. “SECOND CHANCE” – “Second Chance” is inspired by the horror film “Puppet Master” by Full Moon Entertainment, and follows the album theme of possession. The song is about giving life again to people who were tragically murdered. By practicing Egyptian mummification methods to animate puppets known only by the puppet master, Andre Toulon, the murdered souls have a second chance at avenging their untimely and undeserved deaths. “Second Chance” is one of the thrashiest songs on the album. It’s heavy and fast, with quirky, colorful riffs and a strong hook. Cool fact about this song: we recorded an early demo of “Second Chance” a few years ago and contacted the CEO of Full Moon Entertainment, Charles Band, who was interested in hearing our song inspired by his film. We asked if he could feature it on the new Puppet Master movie in production at that time, entitled “Puppet Master: Axis of Evil”. He told us that since the movie takes place during WWII, there wasn’t a spot in the film that would call for Thrash Metal, but he seemed appreciative and thought the song was cool. Haha. Lyrics written by Trey.
7. “MEAT GRINDER” – “Meat Grinder” was inspired by a crazy Punk show that we played at a short-lived, house-turned-Punk venue in Fort Worth called “Exploding House”. We played our set in this living room that was absolutely PACKED with bodies. We went into our first song and only got into 15 seconds of it because the pit got so thrashing! All of my pedals got stepped on, unplugged, and turned over, all of the mics got knocked over, and Trey got a beer splashed all over him from someone who got wrecked in the pit. We had a fucking ball! The street punks were wearing tons of studs on their jackets, killing in the pit. The other kids were, I’m sure, getting impaled by them, yet nobody seemed to care - they were still jumping in! Trey commented, “The pit’s like a meat grinder!” We instantly thought “Meat Grinder” would be cool song title and wrote the song soon after. “Meat Grinder” has a Crossover Thrash vibe to it with a potent dash of Punk Rock. Strong hook and bridge. Lyrics written by Trey and I.
8. “GRAFFITI PLEA” – “Graffiti Plea” was inspired by a tragic true crime event. The song is about Julie and Robin Kerry, two beautiful, young souls who were musicians, leaders, and political activists that truly fought for love, peace, and equality for all, but were tragically and ironically raped, murdered, and thrown off the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis into the Mississippi River by four horrible excuses for human beings. The song is melodic and heavy, with a fast middle break and smooth solo. NWOBHM feel with hints of Punk Rock throughout. Lyrics written by Trey.
9. “FRUSTRATED!” – “Frustrated!” is the shortest song on the album but perhaps the fastest! If you slowed it down to a “normal” tempo, it would probably be comparable to the length of “Free Bird”. It’s about being frustrated by people who always get under your skin, and you just wanting to knock the shit out of them. Buzz saw guitars, crazy fast beats, and wrecking bass. Straight Punk Rock. Written and sung by Napaulm.
10. “SUPER SHREDDER” – The last song written for the album, “Super Shredder” was one I came up with. The song is about a circle pit getting a Super Shredder energy injection from the band’s live performance, causing the circle pit to be gigantic and terrifying like Super Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. To get an idea of what I mean, check out Violator’s live DVD, “Thrashin’ United Tour 2007” on YouTube.

How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sound like anything we might have heard before?
The number one rule of our band when it comes to creating musical fusion is that there are no rules. Trey Lunabomber, Napaulm, and I all bring something unique to Electric Vengeance musically due to our wide variety of influences we each have. We were all born in the mid to late eighties and grew up as kids in the nineties. We definitely were influenced by the music of that time. We all share a common love for Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, and Thrash, but we are also influenced by lots of other genres of music. Honestly, we cannot put one type of label on our music because we love to play it all. We like to mix it up and throw curve balls when we write. The tuning that we use, which is standard tuning, seems to make our sound distinct amongst the Metal scene these days. Many bands nowadays don’t use standard tuning. People have said that they hear sounds of D.R.I., 80’s Metallica, Show No Mercy-era Slayer, S.O.D., Whiplash, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, G.B.H., Exodus, and lots of Punk Rock in our music. Our style of music is like a big Punk Rock/Heavy Metal gumbo with a twist of vengeance which we serve at every show. We like to call this style of music “Street Metal”, which is Heavy Metal for Punks.

Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
We recorded “Manic Possession” at Valve Studios in Dallas, TX in three days. The engineer and owner of Valve Studios, Casey Di Iorio, worked extremely hard and swiftly, and did an amazing job on the album. We gave Casey some music examples of what we wanted our album to sound like and he totally nailed it! We wanted it loud, heavy, crunchy, and in your face! Casey has an impressive resume, having worked with bands like Bowling for Soup, Anti-Flag, and Tom Araya of Slayer. The studio has state of the art equipment and awesome vintage equipment too. The console he uses was owned by Michael Jackson. The console was used during the recording/mixing of the “Bad” album. Tom Araya recorded vocal tracks for the new Slayer album at Valve Studios just prior to us coming in. We used the same vocal mic that Tom Araya used which we were stoked about. We worked very diligently in the studio, so we don’t really have any crazy stories to share. We did watch Three Amigos and played a lot of Golden Tee during some down time. I got pretty damn good at that game.

What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
The cover art was created by Andi Salas of Andi’s Art. Before we even recorded, we shared the name of the album with her, and gave her the ideas we had of what we wanted on the cover - Electric Harry possessing the pit as EV is playing on stage. She took the idea and ran with it, adding her own ideas and touches, and created a colorful, wicked album cover! Andi is very creative, so we definitely wanted her to have creative control and do her own thing on the cover. She nailed it! There is also some brilliant artwork in the CD booklet, created by Zina Martin of “House of Zina”. Zina did an amazing job designing the 6-page booklet, creating the booklet art, and the coming up with the art on the CD itself. We are proud to have Zina Martin and Andi Salas involved with the album cover and booklet design.
Check out Andi’s Art at:
House of Zina at:

What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
With the release of “Manic Possession, we definitely want to get our name out there in the Metal and Punk scenes all around the world. We plan on setting up some more out-of-state shows this summer, and have already landed a gig in Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 19, headlining a Punk show. We’re probably going to book a few more shows in surrounding states on July 17 and 18. It’s wishful thinking at the moment, but we would love to set up a U.S. tour soon in promotion of the album. But until then, we’ll be thrashing every dope show we can play! We have material ready to go for a second album. Be scoping for our second LP release in the next year or so!

Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
We did not release “Manic Possession” in any special format. It was pressed in WAV files. You can download it online as an MP3. We pressed 100 copies but plan on getting more pressed in the near future.

Where and how will you promote this new release?
We promote through Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, live shows, and word of mouth. We have been working with “The Metal Detector Music Promotions” who have been doing a fantastic job of promoting EV and “Manic Possession”. We have done many interviews lately, and our album has been getting many reviews.
Check out Metal Detector at:

Where can we order it from?
“Manic Possession” is available by digital download on, iTunes, and Google Play Store for less than $10 bucks. Physical copies of the album are available for purchase directly through us at all of our shows and by mail order – just send us a private message on our Facebook page if interested and we’ll take care of you. Here is the link to our page:
Thanks to all of our Street Metal Maniax around the world for your support! And as always, Keep It Electric!

July 2015