Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
First of all, thank you for the opportunity!
The new album follows the first album "Nuclear Blasphemy" The songs aren't related to each other but still It forms a complete whole thing!  I am absolutely glad the final sound and release!
How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sounds like anything we might have heard before?
Well, that's a hard question! In the today's world already heavy to create "some new "
Many band had an influence on me for example Bathory, Celtic Frost, Venom, Toxic Holocaust,Damnation, Death, and many others..
Well if I should categorize my music then....Rotten Fucking Roll!
Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
The album was recorded my own little home studio /Rising BlackMoon/
The recording happened quickly It was only 2-3 days the mixing and mastering took a bit longer!
Not happened interesting thing in during the recording! Maybe my neighbors scraped the wall but I don't care this thing  ha-ha!
What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
I create my cover arts too, usually when I'm ready to recordings and listen the finished songs I close my eyes and an image appears in front of me due to the music..and this image will be in the front cover !
The lyrics topics of the anger, scorn, blasphemy,sexuality,misanthropy ,hypocrisy and a really big "fuck off attitude" to the world ! 
What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
There are no aims , I'm just writing out a lot of filth what there is in me..what creates the world around us... All my bands a therapy for me,if I don't play and create music I certainly would be an insane serial killer ha-ha-ha!
Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
The album released in factory cd in 500 copies, Temporarily I don't plan other formats!
I would like thanks to Martin /Dominance Of Darkness/ about the final cover and  He was so communicative that all the time!
Once more Thanks for the opportunity and ~The Light Just Lie~
Where and how will you promote this new release?
Tha Album get promoted on YouTube (Label and Band Chanel), it got published on several webzines and metal forum all around the german and english spoken metal world . In future one song should be on a compilation of the german A-Blaze Magazin. I Hope, that Pest Webzine will promote the album, too .

Where can we order it from?
You can order the CD on or or by Facebook

October 2015