Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it.
Grom Records started back in 2001 as partnership agreement between two dedicated metal freaks Marko Simic (RIP) and Milan Rakic. The idea was to create small but passionate base primary focused on strong underground extreme metal distribution. As things started to move fast Grom created its own production  and from 2004 first releases were published. Since then Grom Records released a lot of official full-length albums, live albums, tapes and license albums. Four different Grom Records releases were licensed officially on limited vinyl LP's and some releases got tape and CD licenses as well. Grom Records is primary dedicated to the extreme Metal genres and it means: Black, Death, Thrash, Doom etc…raw and aggressive, filthy and grim sounds. To say, orthodox Metal streams. As we’re constantly receiving other styles and the offers we came up with idea to start another label where we will pay more attention on some other, not so direct and raw Metal styles. So, back in 2011 we’ve created Tmina Records, as part of Grom legacy and we dedicated Tmina Records to wide open styles. Nowadays with both labels active we cover almost all Metal and Dark styles from raw oldschool one to experimental and modern ones.
For years I was alone in Grom Records, pushing all activities and actions but then finally my lovely soulmate Danica joined me with full power and now it’s way  easier to breathe with all this and more what, it’s great to have company in all this as for years I felt as lonely dying breed creature.

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase.
Hm, not sure how to separate releases by priority as we definitely stay for all our releases with the same passion and heart! I’d better like to list here all of them and write a few comments for each if you agree?
GROM Records:
OKSANAT (Serbia) "Aurora" - GR001 CD – sold out!
Very first release of the label and very well accepted around the scene.To bad that the band never continued with their work as they had great potential and chance.
KOLDBRANN (Norway) "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" – GRMC – sold out!
Until now, the only tape release of our label.Back then it was more than cool to have this tape out!
BEASTCRAFT  (Norway) "Dawn of the Serpent” - GR002 CD – a few copies available!
Definitely the best accepted and well-known release for us. That album got such a huge interest all around the scene and still people, distros etc ask for these. We’ve arranged Asian CD license same as vinyl LP license.
WOLF'S HUNGER/POSMRTNA LITURGIJA  (Serbia) "Pagan Thunders" - GR003 CDr – sold out!
Back then both bands were new comers on Serbian scene with great potential. Very good split release and more then greatly accepted in Serbia and other Slavic countries.
THE STONE   (Serbia) "Neke rane krvare vecno" - GR004 CD – sold out!
Special re-release of first album back in time when the band was called Stone To Flesh. Very well response all around the world + also release that got exclusive picture LP license version.
WOLF'S HUNGER   (Serbia) "Retaliation in blood" - GR005 CD – sold out!
Debut full length by the band and amazing success and response. Band became really huge in Serbia and all East European countries. Nowadays they are active again and we expect some strong strike again!
INFERNO   (Czech) "Live Plague" - GR006 CD - a few copies available!
More then meaningfull release for us as we are great friends with the band. Killer live release that got huge response by maniacs all around the globe!
MAY RESULT   (Serbia) "Slava Smrti” - GR007 digiCD - a few copies available!
Balkan version of the album. May Result is the band where I personally play as well so that’s very important release for myself definitely.
REX SATANACHIA  (Denmark) "First Legion of Hell" - GR008 MCD - a few copies available!
Total blast from Denmark and amazing debut studio material. Album got high respect all around the scene and all the press and maniacs expected brutal continuation but, the band decided to stop all of their activities. So that MCD stayed as real monument!
AVENGER  (Czech) "Feast of Anger Joy of Despair” - GR009 CD - a few copies available!
European version of the album. I was so proud and happy to get the chance to release almighty Avenger under Grom Records for many reasons!
INFEST  (Serbia) ”Onward to Destroy” - GR010 CD - a few copies available!
Second studio impact of Infest and definitely very important release on entire Serbian scene. That one was released as split release with our brother Martin and his Zero Budget prod!
WINTERBLUT  (Germany) ” Von den Pflichten ...” - GR011 CD - a few copies available!
Another highly accepted release for us and the band. We are huge fans of Winterblut madness so that was real pleasure to get the chance to release that album. Also we got exclusive MC license same as awesome DLP vinyl license by almighty Nuclear War Now prod from US and that’s definitely high point for Grom Records in general.
BANE   (Serbia) "Chaos , Darkness & Emptiness" - GR012 CD - a few copies available!
Bane’s debut studio album and more then important release on Serbian scene. The band with amazing potential and future! Another cooperation release with several close label partners!

MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE Vol. I (International) Compilation GR013 CD   (DVD package)
MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE Vol. II (International) Compilation GR014 CD (DVD package)

Last year we decided to support the scene and release 2 compilations and spread it all around. Very good releases with great success. Please find more info about that here:

MEPHORASH (Sweden) "Death Awakens" - GR015CD – available!
Swedish new comers with their well recognized Black Death Metal in great native style. We expect a lot from them in the near future!
ARS MACABRA/COSMIC EKPYROSIS (Italy/Hellas) "Nil Sine Deo" - GR016CD – available!
After long time we’ve decided to release another split album. This time we connected two killer Black metal hordes from two ancient bases of the scene. Release with nice response.
INFEST (Serbia) "Everlasting Genocide" - GR017CD – available!
Third studio impact of the band. Brutal Deathrash Metal that got killer response and prices all around the scene.
HORDES OF DECAY (Hellas) ”The Kings Will Be Ready” – GR018 CD – available!
Brand new release and high quality Black Metal art from Hellas. Definitely the band that will show their force in the future!
FJORSVARTNIR (Denmark) ”Legions Of The North” – GR019 CD – available!
Another brand new strike. Fjorsvartir created some serious Northern Black metal art and we are sure in success of the band with this and next releases.

TMINA Records:

6TH AWAKENING (Sweden) "Psycho Path" - TR001 CD – available!
Very first release for Tmina Records and we are very proud to get this Swedish artists for that one. 6th Awakening are about to strike strongly all around, that’s definitely!
FARCRY (Hungary) ”Slaves of Chaos” – TR002 CD – available!
Tmina Records #2. More than serious and well played technical extreme Metal. Farcry are one of these bands that can smash you with their sound, try it!

What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label?
Well it depends really. If we are speaking about Grom Records then it’s very strict and orthodox way of choosing the bands. Music must be into direct Metal spirit, extreme and raw, filthy and dark. No compromises with this! Grom was created as extreme Metal label dedicated to both spiritual and musical side of Metal music so it will remain same way and will follow this very path until we are here. We really need to like the material and also, we have to create deeper connection with the band and members behind the band. All in all, complete connection must be created and only then we can consider the band as something we could publish under our wings. As for Tmina Records, story is similar but there we are much more flexible when it comes to style direction. Of course band have to be very talented, have to really stand for their sound and story and of course, we have to like it!

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration?
It’s very easy to get in touch with us. Our addresses are listed at our official website, facebook etc. Bands should know that we are searching for new acts all the time but also, bands have to know that we’re constantly receiving tones of applications and we simply can’t accept all of them and we have to choose just those we really, really like. We’ve decided not to release demos, promos, garage recordings etc as standards are moved very high in the last few years and releasing of such a recording qualities aren’t an option for us anymore. So, I suggest to all the bands interested in Grom/Tmina Records to write us first and send all the details about the band and we will gladly answer on their emails and explain all. Communication is very important and as many details bands send us that easier will be for us to consider some band as potential target for us. Write first and ask what you have to know and never send us attached songs in your first email as it’s very complicated to carry all of these huge attachments. We definitely prefer download links, physical promo copies etc…

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands?
Communication and understanding! That’s a must otherwise there is no point in all this. We are small and very underground oriented label and we are not into these major streams with huge budgets and huge backs behind us. We are here to join our forces with the bands we like and to try to help them to spread their name around the scene. Bands need to be aware of the facts that same as we, they need to push their name and to work constantly on the promotion and other activities around the band. Only that way something can be done. Things changed drastically on the scene, there are more and more bands every day and nowadays competition is huge so if the one thinks that after recording/releasing the album fame and glory awaits around the corner, forget about that. So, bands need to be very realistic and to know what and how it’s going on the scene. As I said, communication and understanding is the most important in this partnership or better to call it battle as, to survive on the scene today with all these free downloads, youtube generations etc it’s real fight and battle if you want to stay alive!

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed?
Sure, there are many plans around Grom/Tmina Records but possibilities are very limited as for, limited budget of course. I don’t like to talk about plans as mostly things are changeable and the one can’t control what’s going to happen and where, when so…I prefer to talk about the things after they are ready and done. But let’s say that some of plans that we really want to full-fill are releasing of vinyl formats on our own or to start some stronger Grom/Tmina festival…

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us?
As for now we are satisfied with what we done so far and it seems there are many actions in progress. We’ve started 2012 with 4 new releases and right now we are working hard on promotion of these. More releases will follow in 2012 on Spring, Summer and of course Autumn. We are also trying to push some of our bands to play live shows during the summer so there are actions in these fields as well. I have to mention that last year we’ve started very healthy and rich-full cooperation with our brothers from Alkemist Fanatix based in Italy, where we joined our forces and agreed upon some future cooperation, join projects etc so, as it looks for now it’s going to be very good union and we can expect some cool projects and future strikes! Alkemist Fanatix are more than dedicated and quality wolfs in extreme music business so we can express our  pleasure being part of their tribe.
Also, very important thing is that last year we decided to place some of our releases as digital versions as well. In the past we were totally against these ways of spreading the music but as digital format became total reality and as many shitheads and fake pretenders started spreading the music all around their bootleg pages we were forced to try to get some legal and official way to spread our releases in that damn digital world. So, we got in touch with very good and professional e-Distro service called BelieveDigital and over them our releases are available worldwide in all mayor e-stores as: Amazon, iTunes etc etc…all around the globe in almost 90 different countries etc…So people interested in official and quality digital sound can find us here: 

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links.
The best and fastest way is to write on our emails: or Writing on facebook pages isn’t that good option as we don’t check these emails so often. Here are all actual pages:
Thanx for this interview and place to spread the words about our activities. Keep Pest rocking my friend, we need dedicated and quality people as you are!
Horns Up!

April 2012