Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
Hex Morbidity’s debut EP is 3 tracks of melancholic, impassioned and haunting black metal from Great Britain.
Track one, ‘Pallu Noctu’ is a slow paced intro track with layered keyboards and melodic guitar harmonies. ‘The Spirits of Aldwych’ is an aggressive track about the Blitz which uses ethereal keyboard lines and melo-death style riffs to pay tribute to those who died underground whilst trying to escape the longest nights in London. ‘Hex Morbidity’ defines the new style and sound for the band- it’s a six minute epic with a variety of tempo changes and moods- it’s my proudest release to date.

How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sound like anything we might have heard before?
The spine of the sound is black metal but there are influences from doom bands such as My Dying Bride, death metal bands such as At The Gates and also a lot of British bands, Hecate Enthroned, Eastern front. 

Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
It was recorded and writen over about a year entirely by myself. This was a real DIY project, I had no help from anyone!

What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
Yes I am extremely happy with the cover art. There were a few influences- a photoshoot I did with a photographer called Jo Blackened which showed of the use of human hands, and the painting of the crucifixion by Matthias Grunewald. The blood is used to symbolise guilt, which was a theme in some early editions of lyrics but was subsequently dropped- although I still found the imagery important. 
The lyrics are mainly about my personal life- they are an expression of the emotions which are too strong to act on. The exception is ‘The Spirits of Aldwych’, which is about those who used Aldwych underground station during the Blitz on London, and how it is considered to be haunted. I felt it was also important to convey the terror that ordinary citizens felt night after night during that period of WWII.

What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
I hope that just as many people as possible listen to and appreciate the music. I also have ambitions to take this band live and will be looking for musicians to play with in the near future.

Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
The album is free to download, but for collectors like myself, CDs are preferable. I have one hundred professional printed CDs which are available from Hex Morbidity’s BigCartel store (linked below).

Where and how will you promote this new release?
I am mainly promoting this in a DIY way using underground webzines and printed fanzines that have previously shown loyalty to Hex Morbidity. Facebook plays a big role nowadays too so please be sure to like us on there-

Where can we order it from?
CDs (just £3)-
Free Download/Streaming-

November 2016