KaosKult is a Polish outfit that has been around for ten years. In 2014 they released “Secret Serpent” that granted them some attention and some great reviews… Pest Webzine was intrigued about their work and contacted them in order to find out what the band has been up to these days.

Why the name KaosKult?
The subconscious gives us an idea of the name of the band.
For me “Kaoskult” is something like primal cosmic energy.
It is like a virus which we must force into the bloodstream, infect the system and reprogram ourselves. This is the secret of that name. I would like to mention that the meaning of the name is universal – for you it may mean something else.  The key is imagination and emotions.

The band has been around ever since 2006… almost ten years have passed and you only released a demo and the debut “Secret Serpent”. The creation process is very long or did something happen to delay the releases? 
We have had some personal problems. Additionally, we had some big problems with the producer of our record. The creation process is very individual for each band. We composed music only in the years 2006 – 2009. Next we recorded „Manifest” and then „Secret Serpent” in a few sessions between 2009 – 2011. Then we mixed and mastered our music in another recording studio. Secret Serpent was supposed to be out in 2013 but finally it came out in 2014.

The band only has 3 members named W., V. and Z. Why have you chosen the last letters of the alphabet? 
The last letters of the alphabet are the first letters of our names or nicknames.

In your facebook page the sound of the band is described as Destructive Dark Metal. Is this really the best definition for your sound? Who came up with it?
It was my idea. We were using this definition in the past for “In The Depth Of Night”. I have been tired reading about “Post Black Metal”, “Occult Black Metal”, “Religious Black Metal”, “Hipster Black Metal”, “Transcendental Black Metal" et cetera. We have played that kind of music (BM) since the early 90’s. “Destructive” means that you must destroy/ change the perception of our reality, reprogram and rise from the ashes as new, individual person. For me Dark Metal is very close to Black Metal. If you told me that we play Black Metal it would be ok. This is only our philosophy. 

The album “Secret Serpent” was released in February 2014. How did the sales go? Was the album well received by the underground community?
I don’t know how the sales went because this is the task of our label. The album was very well received by the underground community. Most of the reviews were good or very good. Naturally, we are a very deep underground band and we do not expect big success.

The cover of the album has a huge serpent in the centre spiralling into a fire. What’s the meaning behind the cover and the album? 
I think that the meaning behind the cover is very close to “Ceremony of Opposites”. In one hand, the serpent is an invader who wreaks havoc in our reality and world. It is like a virus in our “system”. But “the system” is weak and has finally failed. On the other (left) hand it is the giver of life (fire) and the beginning of all things. You must choose your path – one path leads down a blind alley (only to destruction) and the second path leads to the new light through destruction.

What kind of topics do you deal with in the lyrics? 
The lyrics on the album are based on Liber Null & Psychonaut, The Pseudonomicon, Condensed Chaos, The Book of Pleasure, Liber AL vel Legis, Necronomicon, The Legacy of the Beast, SSOTMBE: An Essay on Magic, Its Foundations, Development and Place in Modern Life by Ramsey Dukes, Oneiron, The Red Goddess, Principia Discordia and the study of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Alan Moore.

According to the label Odium Records, the album contains 7 “sombre anthems dedicated to Magic of Chaos”. What’s so magic about chaos anyway?
Maybe it could be Chaos Magic. This is our label’s advertising text. What is so magical in Magick (Chaos Magic also)? Through magic you can change a part of your reality. For me that is enough to read and practice Magick.

The album was released via Odium Records. Do you still have a contract with them? Are you planning on releasing new material?
Yes, I still have a contract with Odium Records. I have known Shadow – the leader of Odium Records for fifteen years. I don’t know the answer to the second question because first we would have to record a new material. Then, we will think about that. We only have a kind of comradery deal with them. 

Are you currently working on new material? If so, can you tell us more about it.
We have only some outlines of pieces of music.  We are in hibernation now.

What are your main influences musically speaking?
It’s hard to say because I listen to lots of kinds of music (industrial, BM, experimental music, classic rock etc.) but our roots are early BM and doom metal scene.
The band members were previously involved with Taran, In the Depth of Night, Supreme Lord. Why did you feel the need to create Kaoskult? Are you still involved with other projects or dedicate yourself solely to Kaoskult?
Me and V. play only in Kaoskult. I don’t know about Z. because I don’t have contact with him. Kaoskult is something different. Certainly, some similarity is inevitable to our early works in other bands (in both Kaoskult and In The Depth Of Night I am/was the composer of music), but Kaoskult is more “spiritual”.

Being the social media so influent and important these days, why do you have your facebook page in Polish instead of English?
Some texts are in English and some are in Polish. I think that it depends on the context. Facebook is only information about our band. We come from the times of flyers, tapes and letters. Maybe this is the main reason why the social media isn’t so influential and important to us.  

Have you ever played live? How did it go?
Yes, we played only once as Kaoskult and it was in September 2009. 
I think that our show was ok, but it could always be better. Perfection is a neverending process.

If you had to make a list of the top 10 best albums of the year 2015, which albums would you include in it?
I don’t have my best albums list of the year 2015, but I listened to very good albums in this year, e.g. At The Gates – “At War With Reality”, Shining – “Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends”, Mgła - “Exercises In Futility”, Katavasia – “Sacrilegious Testament”, Killing Joke – “Pylon”, Echoes of Yul – “The Healing”, Bethlehem – “Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia” (I heard it in 2015).

What are your expectations for Kaoskult for 2016?
Wake up from the midwinter dream and create new pieces of art.

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Interview by Sonia Fonseca

January 2016

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