Country: Switzerland
Title: Pleonexia
Label: Czar of Crickets
Year: 2017
Style: Post Metal

This is the second full-length album from Swiss Krane, and I think that's a fair number of releases for a 5 years old band, but in their bio they blame the various fluctuations (of line-up I guess) for the fact they remained so little known in and out of their country, so this tells me we're dealing with an ambitious outfit that's not settling for little, they want and target for more. Cool, that's promising, now let's go to the music on this second opus. Pleonexia offers 7 tracks in 37 minutes of playing time, and to be brutally honest by track 6 I was about to fall asleep... Normally this would be a bad thing, but here it's not, meaning that the band's music is so damn hypnotic it's unbelievable, it made me feel so safe and so confortable that I haven't even realized how close I was to sleep, and that's absolutely killer, and I chose this word in purpose as the ending track features the audio of a US aerial attack and killing of a few individuals by mistake as I understand it! Although it's Metal (well, Post Metal for that matter), and it has lots of heavy riffs and oppressive passages, overall the music is hypnotic, mesmerizing, wide. Except for some spoken words parts taken from various speeches, the album is an instrumental work, and if usually I miss the vocals, this time I say the band is spot on as they are, as an instrumental trio. Excellent record, very interesting band!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10