Country: Austria
Title: Abkehr
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2022
Style: Depressive Black Metal

Second album from this Austrian quartet, and my first encounter with their music, Abkehr comes 4 years after they've released their debut album and 9 years after the band was conceived, so judging by that you'd feel this should be their top of the game material, best they can produce at the moment. The music they play is quite far from conventional Black Metal, but instead it is seriously venturing and exploring the realms of Depressive Rock / Metal with only occasional tremolo riffs and the desperate / eerie / sorrowful screaming vocals (that at times feel like they are just different types of screams, no lyrics involved) remind of the early stages of this genre. Anyway, since I feel fans of this genre are way more open to experimentation and deviation from the traditional course than fans of early Black Metal, this album might be a great discovery especially because the atmosphere and the feelings it creates and transmits are really strong and definitely expressive, it feels like all desperation of a decadent soul is expressed here, from nostalgic thoughts to melancholy, from sorrow to despair and ultimately to serious thoughts of suicide. A generally calm and somehow serene album but at the same time very oppressive and touching; although technically there's nothing new and at times there are even moments of boredom, most of it is very good in expressing and validating feelings, so if you're into DSBM I think you should at least give this one a spin, you might discover your next fave thing.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10