Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
Felipe: Our album ‘’Sombras’’ is a very strong, intense, brutal, and straight forward sounding album. The whole piece starts hitting your face directly, and it goes like that for the first two songs, but then in ‘’Larga Vida Al Rey’’ it immerses you to a very dark and overwhelming state, it is very obscure and haunting experience, it’s probably the darkest song on the album. As you keep on going you’ll find a more mystic side of our music, a more reflexive side, songs that show the progressive influences of Mano Humana, but always keeping the strength of the band. 
The two last songs just go insane, they are a lot a fun to play, very technical stuff, but it has a lot of energy and aggression, it’s pure fury and resentment. ‘’Sombras’’ ends just giving it all, no mercy at all!

How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sounds like anything we might have heard before?
Felipe: I think our music does not sound like any other band, but it is metal, you can be sure on that, it is very aggressive, very strong, I think it is in the frontier from being total chaos sometimes. We have big influences, like Meshuggah, Brutal Truth, Gojira, Decapitated. Of course all that music takes place in our music as well.

Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
Felipe: We recorded the album in early 2015 in AudioCustom studios in Chile. The album was produced by Sebastian Puente (guitarist from the thrash metal band Nuclear).
Most of the songs where composed by the Guzmán brothers. They invited me to record the guitars on the album, it is a big honor for me to play on it! I really enjoyed their music and the songs, so I finally decide to join the band.
I had the chance to participate in their music with my own sensitivity, with my way of approaching music and riffs in general. I am very proud of the final result, guitars are blasting! The whole album is!
What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
Osvaldo: The cover artwork was made by an artist I met, a friend of a friend. I asked her if she could make the album cover and explained the concept to her …she took it a step beyond, she drew it all even better than I ever expected, adding details and styles out of her confort zone, that’s why I love it so much. Half of the band members actually dislikes the artwork, they feel (with good reason) that it doesen’t represent the aggression behind the music… but the concept of “Sombras” and all the lyrics are brilliantly displayed in the picture. The album is all about perception, about asking ourselves if we are right with our ways to perceive and judge the world around us… and when this genderless face appears in the front cover, exposing his/her flesh, with those dead eyes telling you “what do you think of me now?”… it’s just perfect.
What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
Felipe: We enjoy what we do, we love playing our music, so really our main objective right now is to reach as many people as we can! We are working to play live as much as we can, and to get the band out there!

Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
Osvaldo: Multiple formats, you will be able to download it via iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and other platforms for the digital format or you can purchase physical CDs via Amazon and other websites. We printed about 500 copies but must of them are in Chile. Hopefully we can reach more public outside our country to print some more.
Where and how will you promote this new release?
Felipe: Internet and social media are a big tool to show our music, we work everyday in them, but of course, live shows are the most fun and a really good way to promote our music. Mano Humana is a “live band” I think, we give it all in our live shows, we are looking forward to sharing that experience with the world.

Where can we order it from?
You can get the album on

November 2015