Band: MARA
Country: Sweden
Title: ROK
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Apparently "mara" in Swedish means nightmare and that's why there are more bands carrying that name inthere, so according to Metal Archives this Gävleborg based Mara is not to be confused with the Gothenburg and the Gävle, and probably other lesser known Mara bands; not sure who was the first, but this is utter lack of originality from the rest, no doubt. Anyway, the Mara band we have here is a trio started as a one man band back in 2010, and here we have their third studio album, a 5 tracks effort clocking more than half an hour of playing time. Fast paced Black Metal with occasional mid-tempo and even slow, doomy passages, with a proud, uncompromising, intolerant attitude (and I refer to their music, don't confuse this with any political or whatever shit) with all sort of interesting pagan references in their lyrics. The production is quite raw and organic, just perfect for this type of music, enhancing the offensive atmosphere of Mara's compositions, but above all what strikes you at first are the intense multiple layered screams of Vindsval, the founding member, who manages to convince that he really means what he composed here, sounds honest and dedicated as it should be. The rhythm section is organic and inventive while keeping the strong traditional Black Metal backbone of the compositions intact, and the guitar work is again in the same parameters but coming up with some (almost) melodic leads and chaotic solos to give color to each track. Good, very good even album, one that deserves your attention if you're into '90's type of uncompromising Black Metal, but if you're looking for progressive stuff, this is not for you. Even the black & white presentation of the CD by Immortal Frost, and especially the cover artwork are spot on, perfect representation on what's going on here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10