Country: Italy
Title: New Doomsday Orchestration
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Year: 2017
Style: Death Grind / Grindcore

Two (somehow) new bands from the Italian Grindcore scene, a scene I remember being so damn strong beck in the '90's and '00's, both of them formed in 2014 and both of them with an EP already underbelt, meet under the same "roof" on this split CD featuring 27 tracks and clocking only 22 minutes, but I'd say that's well enough for both of them to demonstrate what they are capable of. 
Opening the hostilities are Mindful of Pripyat, a quartet from Milano now (since 2016) featuring also Omar, guitarist of the legendary Bowel Stew. Their part on this split is made of 9 tracks, a delicious blend of Death and Grindcore, extremely brutal, traditional I'd say, energetic and contagious defined by a main growling vocal supported by demented screams here and there, damn intense drums and bass lines, and intricate guitar constructions that will make you appreciate these guys, they are really good at what they do and from my point of view their future in this genre is bright as a nuclear explosion.
Stench of Profit are hailing from Venezia and their side is more razor-sharp sounding, centered more around traditional Grindcore, without Death Metal insertions, and although I have to admit there are some variations in rhythm and compositions, too, the material sounds like it would need some more complexity. This is straight-forward Grindcore with two vocals, Maurizio, and a female vocalist who's also the band's guitarist, Lory, and the compositions are short, around half a minute in average, extremely aggressive, obviously, unpretentious and most probably working better in live shows that on recordings, but for traditional Grindcore fans I'm sure this will be a blast, too.
All in all I think this is a cool split, unveiling two bands with clear potential, that will probably take the great Italian Grind school a step further.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10  6.5/10