Morbid Flesh are an absolute crushing death metal band and here is an interview with singer VALI 

The band was known as Undertaker from 2002 till 2007. How many releases did you have under that name and how many releases did you have?
Hails! Actually it isn’t exactly as that. MORBID FLESH is not the continuation of UNDERTAKER. We are the ashes of them. Only Makeda and Gussi were a part of UNDERTAKER together with some local friends of mine. MORBID FLESH is an absolutely new band with a different voice and a different sound. There are quite a few releases of UNDERTAKER… I still have the Demo „Betrayed“.

Did the sound change much from Undertaker to Morbid Flesh? Why did you do the name change? Were any other names thrown around before you came up with Morbid Flesh?
I wasn’t there when they decided to change the band and the musical approach. Before it was more melodic with some certain Thrash elements. The change was basically adding the HM2 and changing the voice. Simultaneously another band was also born: INSULTERS. In that band you have more or less the half of MORBID FLESH. Currently we have Albert, Makeda and Gussi participating in both bands. 

Did all the same members that were in Undertaker come over when you did the name change? What is the current line-up these days?
That was a bit was I was explaining before. Actually there is no certain founder of UNDERTAKER. Gusi and Makeda joined the band half way. We are still in touch with the other members of UNDERTAKER but I would like to let it clear that MORBID FLESH is not the band that „replaced“ UNDERTAKER so to say. 
Currently our lineup consists of: 
Albert (guitar) who also plays at INSULTERS, ASTIGARRAGA THROWER, ex-CRANI SÉPTIC (a mythic local Grindcore band), ex-CRUZ (Death Metal band from Barcelona where I also sung at their first period). He was also involved in some other projects like DEFTAN 70, ACOCEDACOR, RATZIA.
Gusi (guitar): uffff.. I don’t know where to start with this guy! He started with MORBID FLESH taking care of the drums. After the release of „Reborn In Death“ he took care of the guitars. Besides MORBID FLESH he is the drumer of GRAVEYARD, INSULTERS and VOIDKUSH. And he also has a one man project called AGONISED. 
Michel (drums): other guy that has a ton of bands he is playing at! Besides playing drums at MORBID FLESH he is doing the same at TORT, ASTIGARRAGA THROWER, CUERNO, ex-LA MATANZA, DISEASED, UNDERGRIND and many more.
Makeda (bass): he is there from the very beginning and he also plays bass for INSULTERS.
Vali (myself): vocalist of MORBID FLESH and ÓSSERP. Ex-CRUZ and ex-HELLSING.

So how long was the band together before you released your "Dying Lapidation" demo? How many songs were on it and was it easy putting all the songs together on it?
I think that 1 or 2 years passed before we decided to record the Demo. It was a very smooth process. We were full of energy and not everyone of us had a full time 8 hours job. I was working only half day and the rest of the guys some had a work and some didn’t. The songs were the following: Endless Hate - Dying Lapidation -  Impaled Ratzinger – Graves - Scream Bloody Gore (DEATH cover) 

How was the response to it and did you send it to any labels or webzines at all?
That was a hell of a time ago!! I think we pressed a first edition of around 200 / 250 tapes and afterwards we did a second press. We sent it to many labels and also fanzines and webzines and the response was very good. We were really young and we only wanted to do some raw Death Metal without any aggregates. It should go directly to your throat. 

In 2011 you released your 1st full length called "Reborn in Death". Who released this and is it still for sale? What are your thoughts on this release these days? How easy was it putting songs together for it?
Truth is that we were only three remaining in the band: Gusi, Makeda and myself. Marc (he was one of the founders of UNDERTAKER) helped us out with some guitar work before leaving MORBID FLESH. We had some high-class guitar players we used for some riffs though: all three guitar players of GRAVEYARD at that time (Llorenc currently at ERED, Julkarn and Javi Felez). We got a message to our MySpace page (I really miss the time we had MySpace) asking us if we would like to release a full length. Memento Mori from Madrid released it and I think there are no more copies available. Afterwards a Mexican label released some vinyls of the album. Noone never asked us about it for that vinyl release. I discovered it through a certain forum in the internet and they posted that they wanted to change the cover art so I contacted him and told them that that was absolutely forbidden!! There are some songs like „Reborn In Death“ that was actually an AGONISED song but with a different title. We recorded that song without playing it together in the rehearsal room! There are some other songs like „Visions Of Mutilated Ghouls“ or „Gulag (Cracked Bones)“ that were born in the rehearsal room. The recording process was around Christmas and I recorded the voice on January 1st. It was a great experience to record the album between all those free days with a lot of partys everywhere!!!

How does a song come together and who does all the music? How pens the lyrics and what are some of the things you write about?
Currently Gussi starts with some riffs and the rest just join him like a jam session. Afterwards there is always some details that grown up from rehearsal to rehearsal or already at the studio. The issue with the lyrics has no secret at all because it’s the typical Death Metal related themes. It can be just about entrails or something more science fiction about worlds absorbed by obscurity. The greatness of the sea (man against nature) or also some more personal moments. In this last album not all lyrics were done by me. „Heretics Hammer“ was written by our friend Xavi Gorra and „Burn The Entrails“ was written by Debora Torres, a friend from Argentina.

Now we fast forward to 2014 and you released an EP called "Embedded in the Ossuary". Who put this out and what are your thoughts on it and is it still for sale?
Walter of UNHOLY PROPHECIES offered us to release this mini after he released the INSULTERS stuff. He visited the INSULTERS guys in Barcelona some day and we gave him a CD containing the material of that EP. He liked the stuff very much and offered to release it. We accepted and that’s the whole story. The CD is sold-out. 
The release of that mini-album was a crucial moment for the band. Not only for the sound but also in the composition of the songs. Michel came in as a drummer and Gussi took care of the guitar. C. was the other guitar player. It’s weird but all bands have trouble trying to find a good drummer and we have two! (hahahahaha). Well, we had our trouble in finding suitable guitar players.

Do you think the band's sound has changed much from 2014 till 2017? What would you say the band sounds like to someone who has never heard the band?
Actually not. The only change from 2014 to 2017 was the change on the guitars. C. left and Albert came in. C. was the one that recorded all guitar parts of the new album though and then he left Spain to relocate in Gotheburg for his studies. There is no major change like we had from the „Reborn In Death“ album to the „Embedded In The Ossuary“ mini. It sounds like Death Metal with some certain Doom parts and some faster parts. There is no mistery behind the compositions. We push the HM2 to the top and we tune down extremely deep. 

Now we fast forward to 2017 where you have a brand new release that I enjoyed very much called "Rites of the Mangled". How did you come up with the title for this new record?
Well, the title costed us many weeks of good lunch and beers. At the end it was born where almost everything related to MORBID FLESH is born: at a local bar. We always meet there before entering the rehearsal place to have some beers and talk about the current situation of the band and our lives. 

How did you hook up with Unholy Prophecies and how has it been working with them so far?
Well, we didn’t have to do that much. We have a fluid communication with Walter all the time. We chat with him constantly, he visit us some times during the year here in Barcelona and we end up in bars having some beers and much fun. I can say there is some kind of symbiosis with him. We help each other to move forward and that is great.

How did the songs for this new album come together and is it hard for you guys to come up with new songs at all and how are you as far as going into the studio?
This last time it was totally different that how we worked with „Reborn In Death“ or the Demo. All songs had to pass the test at the rehearsal room. We worked again and again on the songs and then we head off to the recording studio. Again we shared that process with INSULTERS like we did some times before. As I said before INSULTERS and MORBID FLESH are formed by only 6 different persons. Sharing the recording studio helps us to save costs and we can start a clandestine barbecue session inside of the Moontower Studios! hahahahaha

In any given week how much time is spent doing band related stuff?
It depends of the week and if we have a show at the weekend. Normally we rehearse once a week. If we have a show coming we may rehearse twice. But with all the routine described before, a beer at the bar and so on it’s very smooth. With all this social media it also changed a lot. Now with the release oft he new album coming we received a lot of messages from all over the world we need to answer. 

Do you guys get to play live a lot and who have you shared the stage with and with this new release do you hope to do any type of touring at all?
Frankly speaking all this shit with „I’ve played with this and that other band“ bores me to death. I think I never considered to write down a list of the bands we played with until today. Now I can rememeber a lot of bands we played with… The time I was really pissed off because we had to cancel a show was with MALEVOLENT CREATION. Gussi was still on the drums that time and one oft he guitar players broked his arm at work. We thought about playing with only one guitar but we couldn’t. MORBID FLESH is only possible with two guitar players. We had a lot of fun with the guys of FUNERAL WHORE!! These guys are fucking great (regards to all of you, fuckers!!! In case you are reading this!). We hope to do some shows this summer or at the end of the summer and we hope to see as many of you bastards as possible out there!!

Please plug any websites that you have.

Any last words and horns up for doing this interview.
Many thanks for the interview and to all of you reading these lines. Death till dead mother fuckers! If you wanna have a copy oft he new record contact us or go directly tot he UNHOLY PROPHECIES shop at The album will be out April 24th, 2017!!

Interview by Chris Forbes

April 2017