MORBID SLAUGHTER is a great underground metal band that has just released “A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death” on Boris Records and here is an interview with band member Envenom:

What is the current line-up of the band and has the band been through many line-up changes and how many members of the band are original members?
Hi. The current line-up is confirmed by Ripping Corpse (Bass), Necrophiliac Sodomizer (Guitar), myself (vocal/guitars). We have found a fresh and young drummer at the end of our recording process, but he wants to hide his name until his official presentation.
He toured with us on "Beware the curse 2015". We have good chemical and the same ambition for the music, so, obviously, we have turned in good friends and that’s something very special for us. We need to feel us comfortable with the people who are around this beast. It always was like that.
Yes, we have a lot of changes in our line-up, but you know, some people stays, and some ones will go away. It's sad, of course, but you have to go ahead if you have a goal.
Just two original members, Ripping corpse and myself.

I see the band uses stage names and not your real names. Why is this?
Our stage names are part of the ritual as the clothes, the make-up and everything, it represents each of our personalities. Sure, we took this old tradition as a lot of bands and it happened when we were younger, and obviously, we wanted to sound cool, too (be honest, no one chooses an ugly name, so you think in the meaning and how it will sound).
I have conserved my stage name since my Heavy Metal band before Morbid Slaughter. We call ourselves "Savage Beast". My stage name comes from the first album of Sabbat, and of course, sounds like a cool name for a young gun that just wanted to be the lead guitar, but I had no intention to sound evil or like a "hellbanger". Whatever. It helps you get into your personality. I never will feel comfortable wearing my daily clothes into the stage. I mean, I come from the rock and hard/heavy metal. So, my references are: The doors, Alice Cooper, Judas priest, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses – even Misfits from my punk influence. They have this kind of theatrical wave in their concerts and that's one thing that I always loved. I mean, as a music fan, I always love to listen to the bands with my both eyes wide open. That's the kind of things that I always wanted, display a whole show to the people and penetrate in their psyche.

Does it make you feel as different a person over the stage? 
Yes, it does, and we feel very well with it. It doesn't mean that we are false and we have to create a fiction character. No, it doesn't. Each stage name represents the personality of each one. I mean, we let our bodies and souls be totally connected with them before going to the stage. In previous interviews, I talked about Morbid Slaughter as a beast and a bridge between our earthly life and our curse divine, and still think like that. I won’t to reveal each personality; you must to use your illusion, ha ha.

How did the band come to be and where is the band based out of and is there a healthy underground metal scene where you are based out of?
The band starts as a one-man project when I was 16 years old. I was playing in my heavy metal band, but at the same time, I composed some songs to myself. You know, just to play them on my guitar at home. The heavy metal band was split-up, and had all those songs; so, I started the project of this lustful beast.
I was very into the horror movies (I'm still interested), and based my sound in the first wave of black metal: Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer, with some splatters of the old Mayhem, of course. It started as a one-man project, because in that time, Lima was filled with this "retro-thrash" feeling and all bands were wearing white sneakers and wanting to sound like Sepultura and I never liked it. So if you want something done right, you have to do it by yourself.
There are a lot of good people and uninterested friends, but there are a lot of imbeciles, too. Sadly as in many places.

What were the early days of the band like and how long had the band been around until you started to write some original material?
On September 2009, I was playing with a session drummer (the drummer of my heavy metal band) just for one month. He didn't like the lyrics and started to not attend to the rehearsals, so he was fired.
The first line-up of the band was: Envenom, Ripping Corpse and Death Rider. I met to Ripping Corpse in high school. On January 2010, we went to a rehearsal room and He learned Cannibal Butcher, Evils Spells and one Bathory song (I guess). I have always valued that kind of things and how I said lines up, we need to feel us comfortable with the people around Morbid Slaughter, so naturally, the members always are close friends. Sure, we have fights and things like that, but hey, you can fight with your best friend, but he will be still your brother.
Since the beginning ha ha, my first songs were: Zombie (the first name was Tormentor, but you know, the name was whored to many times ha ha), Evil Spells and Beware, the night, and were composed when I was in "Savage Beast".

Now in 2010 you released a demo called “Ensayo”. How long did it take for this demo to come together? How was it going into the studio for the 1st time as a band to record something? What are your thoughts on this demo these days?
It took about a year. It was recorded on August 2010. The whole demo (or promo) was a totally crap! Ha ha ha! I mean, seriously, was released on a cheap xeroxed paper and the sound was a totally crap! Some people on the scene used to say that I'm crazy and that promo sounds very powerful. I think that they were confounding "power" with a lot of ugly noise. Whatever, It was our presentation into the scene.

Now you also recorded 2 cover tunes, one by Bathory and one by Sodom. For those reading this, what are the names of these 2 tunes and why did you pick these 2 particular tunes?
The names of the songs were: Reaper (Bathory) and Blasphemer (Sodom).
Reaper was chosen because talks about death (Until these times we still use the reaper in our arts and he is always near to us on the lyrics). Blasphemer... Okay, a lot of people know that I don’t like too much the thrash metal, but I like very much “In the sign of evil” of Sodom (Sure, I don’t like too much thrash metal, but I have my exceptions). Anyway, I liked that song because lyrics start with: “Black Metal is the game I play…” So, in the rehearsal I used to emphasize the words.

Now in 2012 you released a 2nd demo, this one was only on cassette as the other one was on cd. Why only cassette? Do you feel you did a better job on this 2nd demo than the 1st one? Did you use the same studio or a different one this time?
Yes, "Torment in the crypt" was our demo tape on 2012. It was released on tape 'because looks pretty good with the feeling, ha ha. We used a different studio for that time. Yes, it was a little bit more worked, but still, it was just a demo. It helped us to get more public. I mean, the first promo was our presentation to the scene, but if you think that you will get something with that bullshit, you're wrong. You have to continue working.

The following year (2013) a 3rd demo was released on cassette called “The Summoning of the Graveyard Ghouls”. Don’t you feel in some ways you’re limiting your audience by releasing stuff on cassette only? You also recorded another Bathory cover on this. What is the name of this song this time and what made you choose this particular song?
In fact, we never considered to “Ensayo 2010” as a demo. So, “The graveyard ghouls” was the second one. Yes, that’s the different, and the beautiful thing about make an album, you could re-release it one, two, three, four times, and on and on, and in different formats, no limits! Sure, it depends; if they don't buy the record it will be a bit difficult re-release it. So hope it have good sales. "The graveyard ghouls" was the first demo that we recorded with two guitars, that's because that was the first demo with Necrophiliac Sodomizer on the second guitar. We recorded Witchcraft from Bathory. Witchcraft feels good with the style of the demo, you know, the devil's rock n roll. So, I recorded the song.

Now we go to 2014 and you had a compilation released by Putrid Records on cassette called “Rancid Death Awaits 2014”. What exactly is on this release and I assume it is sold out as only 250 copies were made. Would you like to see this release be re-issued in the future?
It’s just a compilation which contains our both demo tapes. I was conscious that not many people got the first tapes. So, when Putrid Cult presented the opportunity, I said yes. It was a good opportunity to spread the music in a minimum way to the Europe scene. No, a demo it's a demo. Why do you want to re-release it if you have now an album? Ha ha ha.

Also in 2014 you had a 7” released on Boris Records called “Wicca”. Is this release sold out of still for sale? If it is sold out any plans on having this released again in the future?
Yes, Wicca was released by Boris Records. I'm so glad of it, because gave us the connection with the world. Yes, it could be better, it sounds a little bit raw, but we were learning at that time, we had never recorded for a vinyl, so we were a bit nervous about fuck something, I think, ha ha ha. The best part of this release was that I composed a new song for it, and I'm not talking about a new song because nobody have heard it before, it was truly a new song, "Nightly Breath of God" was composed two months before record it. Both songs will have their revenge at the future, for sure.
It’s not sold out; you can get it through Boris Records web page or contacting the band.

Now just recently you released “A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death” on Boris Records. I think the release is excellent. Do you feel it is your best release and why only 300 copies as I think you could sell a hell of a lot more copies than that? In my opinion I think that is kind of dumb and if it is the label’s idea, they are out of their mind.
Thank you very much, I feel so damn happy about it, ha ha. When we released "Wicca" I used to say in all interviews that it was okay, but we could do it better. I was not wrong, we could and we did it. The recording process for the music was really nice, but hard. Drums where recorded at the same studio of "wicca", it was smashed and recorded by Joel Noise Grinder, the owner of the studio. He and his girlfriend, Alice, always were nice with us. So, it was great to record with Joel again, and have the memories of that place marked in our first album. The strings were recorded with Nito Mejía in one night, living after midnight. We were there from 11pm to 8am. It felt very well, I remembered when I was very young and I used to see with my cousins "A year and a half with Metallica" because they recorded or get into rehearsal room all night long, so, see that kind of things are happening in “Morbid” was something very special for me.
Vocals were a totally challenge. I mean, I always wanted to reach the same intensity and the perfect mix between the vocals and the music, and it was a bit hard to get it. When I heard the first vocals take, I was like "What the fuck is that? Sounds horrible, fuck fuck fuck." I was totally frustrated 'because the vocals had not the same intensity or that psycho feeling of the violent death that I was searching for. Some nights, I was just complaining around the whole studio, you know, "Why can't I get it? Fuck this, fuck that blah blah blah" - I'm very thankful with Nito and the guys of Inti Records. They play in a band too, and one of them is the vocal. So, He understood my frustration and search of a special feeling for, they were very patient, I feel lucky ha ha.
So, one night I went to studio with Sodomizer, and He’s the right person to get a good criticism, I mean, He shoots you straight between the eyes. He heard and said sounds too bored ha ha ha! He plays an old record and said: listen, it sounds as crap but you have intensity on vocals. I felt very angry 'because the plan it's be better with time. So, I took the microphone and I started to simulate as if I was singing in a live show, just as a vocalist. I mean, I was moving and feeling it while I was singing. That gave it a special feeling to the recording. We all said: Okay, this is the night, and it was. After it, we wanted to get drunk, but that's another story ha ha.
No, we don't have any intention to limit the record to just 300 copies in vinyl; it's just the first press! You know, you have to sell to have money and invest in other press, and on and on. Also, we will release a Deluxe CD Digipack edition with Inti Records, and we'll have a digital format available, but first needs to be out on the stores ha ha. We have no intention to keep our music to a small number of people.
I love the album, It makes me remember the "Killing is my business and the business is good". It has that twisted mix between the raw sound and the good performance.

Has the band ever played live and if so who have you shared the stage with?
Yes, we played some live shows, mostly with local bands. On 2014, we shared stage with Mortuary Drape. It was a great show, was the first time as quartet and everything flowed very well. Early this year, we toured with the heavy metal band Cobra in a mini-tour through a few cities of our country. It was our first tour, and both bands are friends. So, we have good memories.

Do you think the band has pretty much kept the same style since you started? For those who have never heard the band what you say the band sounds like?
I don't think the band is changing their style. Quite the opposite! I think we are reaching how we always wanted to sound like. It's something a bit hard to explain. We could be based by the first wave of black metal, but we like the mighty power of a record like "Defenders of the faith" So, that's why I think we like to reach a perfect balance between the raw and perfection, and for sure, try to cover them with the atmosphere of the horror. Whatever, the band sounds as dirty, as filthy, as black, and as fast as a rock band could play.

How did you come up with the band’s name and were any other names thrown around?
At very first sight, it was just a cool name it had to sound as a mighty beast. With time, each of us found a special meaning in the name of the band. Maybe I thought in other names, but nothing that it worth to remember.

Have you ever seen any of your stuff on sale on Ebay or sites like that?
Yes, we did.

Would you ever like to see all your material released like on a double cd set maybe with some new tunes thrown in?
Yes, I would like to see a double cd of Morbid Slaughter on the future, but not with old stuff. I don't want to live from our past. We must to slaughter ourselves in every record to then reborn. That's why I feel happy with "horror and death"; we reached the sound that we always wanted for those songs. Now, Morbid Slaughter could engulf himself to reborn in a hungrier beast, and “horror and death” turns into a ghost who walks with us in our path. Whatever, a double cd it would be okay for an album on the future or a conceptual live show, I don't know, we'll see.

Please plug any websites the band has.
You can visit us at to get more news about the band. Also, visit us on to get the official merchandise of the band we'll be uploading the merch very soon.

Any last words and horns up for the interview. 
Thank you for the interview, horns up!

Interview by Chris Forbes

August 2015