Country: Slovakia
Title: Asylum
Label: Symbol of Domination / Wings of Death / Darknagar
Year: 2017
Style: Thrash Black Death Metal

Cool name for an extreme metal band, and I have to congratulate them for the cool logo as well as for the inspired combination between the album title, cover artwork and (some of the) music presented on this debut album. As you can guess it, it's all about mental illness and all kind of human derangements (should the intro point to religion as a mental illness? if so, they were really, really inspired, if not, it was a good coincidence). The 10 tracks ofer in almost half an hour a chaotic, brutal, obscure sounding and merciless Death Metal heavily influneced by Black and Death Metal, so a bit far from a traditional sounding Death Metal band though. I've read a lot of references to Necrophobic and I can see where they come from, but Necroheresy sounds way more chaotic and extreme, with less melodic inserts and with a more abrasive production, that's for sure, so if you think a rude and rough Death Metal with hints of Necrophobic might be your thing by all means give this band a try, they sound curdled enough, experienced and well targeted so you might just have a serious surprise. I think the fact they chose to play in Slovak language might be a plus, especially for the local scene. Interesting prospect for the future!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10