Country: Italy
Title: Decompozitione
Label: WarHell Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Nerocapra started in 2003 and although this is their third studio album it seems they like and aim at "flying under the radar" or better said "lurking into the shadows of the underground", exactly as their style back when they debuted was: Primitive Metal, so not for the masses for sure. 15+ years after they are still playing this Primitive Metal that translates into a horror-infused Death Metal with serious old-school Black Metal influences. The new album is made of 11 tracks and clocks about 45 minutes of playing time, a quite long material for something that's supposed to be a primitive form of Metal, but luckily enough there's so much diversion and so many different elements to enjoy here that it's impossible to get bored by it. Of course, this is raw, ugly as hell, visceral and totally disgusting Metal, so not everyone will have the guts to pass over the first track, but if you enjoy this type of straight to your face type of music, unpolished and demonic, Nerocapra's latest offering sounds like a musical expression of the bowels of hell, so it's totally recommended. Forget all the other retro Death Metal bands with their eye-catchy cover artworks and logos, Nerocapra has none of that but they deliver some of the ugliest forms of Death Metal you can get at the moment. Wow, I'm surprised of how much I've enjoyed this one!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10