Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Northland started in 2004 as a high school band formed by our singer / guitarist Pau M., but it went into hiatus shortly afterwards until 2007, when Freezing Sadness, our demo, was released. By then, the line-up was pretty different as it is now. In 2009, Pau V. and Pol joined the band as violin and keyboard players in a time where the band had lots of concerts in the Barcelona area.
Shortly after Northland (2010) was released, our former bass player Yoli left the band and Vic, who had been engineering most of the tracking for the album and also plays in Moonloop, helped us for some months with the presentation shows until he finally joined as an official member.
Jose, the drummer, is our newest member. He also plays drums in Aggression (with whom we shared stage in the past) and when we started looking for a drummer (after we sadly parted ways with our former drummer Dani) he came and was the obvious reason due to his high technical level and experience.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
We like to place ourselves into the Folk Death Metal category. It's sometimes hard to be in our position : traditional metal fans find us too harsh and some extreme metal fans find us too soft. But this is what we do, we have powerful guitar / bass riffs with heavy drumming and growling vocals, alongside violin, flute, accordion, harp melodies and layered multi-octave choirs. That combination lets us have one foot on both sides.
Old Ensiferum is a clear reference for us. Lately, as we shared stage with Moonsorrow and were able to see them live, they also became a very strong influence on us. Celtic music has also been a source of melody inspiration for us, we love many Galician, Scottish and Irish bands and traditional tunes. Many don't know that the north of Spain has Celtic and has a strong musical heritage linked to that of the British islands.
But the great part is that we all like and have played very different styles within the metal genre and even beyond : death metal, black metal, progressive, fusion, post rock, etc.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
A metalhead who likes folk melodies with strong music beyond the « party bands » should definitely get our last record, Downfall and Rebirth. They will find different vibes and rhythms, and in case they liked our demo and first record, a whole new dimension and production. Punchier and full of details, hard work and nuances.
Northland has toured around half of Europe and is very well considered by many metalheads in our continent as well as the rest of the globe (we receive more and more e-mails from people from all over the Americas and some parts of Asia), but we need more support to carry on with our projects. We have two ideas for music videos on the table, but we need money to fund them. We have merch projects, some very attractive ones. But we need money for that, too. Buying a digital or Digipack copy on Bandcamp help us a lot. 

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We released our first demo, Freezing sadness, in 2008. It was well received by fans to the point that we got to play in a couple of International festivals in Europe just with that. Our first long-length album, Northland, hit the streets in 2010 through Black Bards, now out of business. It received a lot of support internationally but was mixed and mastered very quickly due to label schedules and we were not very happy with the final sound, although it has some great hymns.
Our last record, Downfall and Rebirth, was released in January, 2015 after a long recording process, the result of which we are extremely proud of. It was mixed and mastered by Gorka Dresbaj at The Room studio in Barcelona, the cover was made by the Hungarian artist Peter Sallai and the design was in hands of Luis Hermosilla. 11 songs, 2 acoustic ones among them (with the special collaboration of Lady Morte of Trobar de Morte on one of them). The response so far has been great. We still don't know how most of the songs will work live, although we've played a couple of them a number of times and people loved them. We're receiving amazing press reviews and great comments praising the new record. It makes us feel so proud of all the work done.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
We have played a lot live, especially taking into account that we only had a demo and a full-length album out. We played a lot in Barcelona, our city, and its sorroundings prior to the release of Northland, and after that we played more than 50 shows, most of them our of Spain. We played a lot specially in France and Germany, and all were unforgettable experiences. What's great about our shows is that we get a lot of feedback from the people who attends our concerts, both during them and afterward and the merch site. 
We are about to start the Iberian tour to present Downfall and Rebirth, which will include Santa Maria Summer Fest in Portugal. The rest of the tour will be unveiled soon, but we are in talks for a handful of countries already !! We'll post everything on our website and Facebook :

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
Some media sites and labels say that the Folk / Pagan metal wave is over. We don't care about waves, fashion or stuff like that. We make music that we believe in, put our hearts and work hard for. There has been a lot of copy pasting within this genre, and one of the comments that makes us feel prouder is that we make original Folk metal music. We hope they're right.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
We have a lot of plans regarding touring, music videos and merch, but all of it must remain a secret until it's fully closed. Stay tuned on our social pages to find out interesting news >:) We are bursting with ideas and work, and it's incredibly rewarding.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Our new CD is everywhere ! Amazon music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. There's no excuse, so if you're curious or you're tired of copycat Folk Metal bands, give it a try ! Our own shop is on Bandcamp. Listen to it and get a copy if you like it:
Thank you all for your support !!!!

Answered by Vic A. Granell (bass)

March 2015