Band: ROOT
Country: Czech Republic
Title: Kargeras - Return From Oblivion
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2016
Style: Epic Heavy Black Metal

Czech’s sense of humor has my respect all time. „Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion” is opened by a slightly mocking laughter – and this fact is a good description of this stuff. Root was founded in 1987 so Czech’s metallers are playing this kind of metal, which they like, without looking on modes, things spoken by fans or sth like this. „ Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion” is more similar wih music like XIII Stoleti or Marster’s Hammer than raw black metal as well. However this stuff is not only the joke! This is a big and monumental concept album, included dark metal opera, technical blackmetal, some stoner pieces, gothic rock, psychodelic rock, dark metal etc, etc… Pathos and laugh in one, quasi-choirs voices – from time to time this is looks like Laibach… From time to time disturbing whispers from crypts drilling our brains – and cult of „Goat” at this album is not typical „black metal sulphur from deepest hell” - this is rather stoner/darkrock way. I’m not a big fan of art of ROOT – but I have respect for following the chosen path without looking at others. The last solo guitars in the last track is really, really great !!!
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 7/10