Country: Poland
Title: Jam jest Samon!
Label: Battle Hymn Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Pagan Black Death Metal

The newest Saltus album (concept album!) „Jam jest Samon!” (I am Samon!”) is a concept album dedicated to the history of Samon and his  state from VII th century. He was a celt - but first western slavic lord an master officially „recorded” in history. Therefore, it was very good that Saltus took on his hand and pagan metal hearts the historical theme, which very well weaving it into the sound worked out over the years. The lyrics exclaimed nad growled by Scream and written by Wojnar are perfectly understandable on this album, which, moreover, is what I have always valued at Saltus.  That’s perfectly matches the well-tuned riffs and Imp's percussion craftsmanship! A few of tracks have been tinted with acoustic motives and melodic transitions, and the pace suited to the texts. Songs "Posłańcom precz" (Let’s messengers go away”), „Patrząc śmierci w twarz" (Looking at the death’s face”) or „Słowiańska jedność” ("Slavic unity") have a specific meaning and sound reflects the spirit of the message flowing from lyricism. This album ended by neofolk song „Piastun” incrusted by pathetic melorecitation.  Saltus has been a recognized brand of Polish pagan metal pagan scene for many years and "Jam is Samon!" is just proof of that! From time to time, Saltus has inviting guests to perform their records with folk charm and this is very good idea, on this album there’s also some violins riffs and good female vocals. The album is also dedicated to the memory of Sławek "Mortifer" Archangielskij, guitarist of Saltus, who died in 2013.
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 9/10