Greetings Roel, how are you? Thanks for agreeting to talk with us about your new band, Soulemission, but before getting to it let's discuss a bit about your past, too, if that's ok.
Hi Adrian, I’m doing fine thank you. Well, I started playing in bands at an early age. My first metal band was a Black/Thrash band under the name Abhorrence, this was already with some people that later started Prostitute Disfigurement. We recorded some demo’s but we didn’t get very far. The singer and bassplayer from this band started Prostitute Disfigurement as a side-project and asked me to join them just before the recording of the first PD demo. When this started to take off we decided to put Abhorrence to rest. The next 7 years were spent building Prostitute Disfigurement. We recorded 4 CD’s and did a couple of European tours.
You and Benny are both ex-Prostitute Disfigurement members, you're even a founding member, and both left in 2008, why? What did you guys do in the meantime before starting to work on this new band?
Well we didn’t exactly leave. We had recorded Descendants of Depravity in 2007 and at that time the label (Neurotic Records) was having some problems so the album got shelved. We were really bummed out about that. Also we were kind of burnt out from working regular jobs, recording and playing gigs. So we all just decided to call it quits. The album was released some time later after we quit. It’s a shame because I still think that was a good album that deserved some more attention.
After that I decided to lay low for a while. I played in a couple of coverbands and worked on my guitar skills. Benny started another band (Unlocked) and became a soundman for bands like Shining (SE), Mayhem and Enthroned.
Can we consider Soulemission a band you were planning for a long time or was it a moment's decision as in many other cases? What made you decide to give it another try in the Extreme Metal scene?
Benny and I stayed in touch after the demise of Prostitute Disfigurement. A few years ago I told him that I had been working on some riffs. I asked him if he would be interested in writing songs with me. So we got together on a regular basis and came up with a lot of stuff. There was no plan or anything but we started to feel really strong about the material so the next step was to find a singer who could also write lyrics.
Soulemission features on vocals Nimroth (Michel Stigter), founding member of Cirith Gorgor, who also left his band in 2012. Was he your first choice or are you long-time friends and things came naturally, or both?
We have known each other for more than 15 years, he lives nearby and we crossed paths many times at parties and concerts. When we had written a few songs we knew that we needed a singer that had more of a black metal range in his voice. So naturally we thougt of Michel. So yeah, he was our first choice. He came to Benny’s house and layed down the vocals for 3 demo songs in half an hour so we knew it would work.
On drums you have Menthor, one of those insane hard-working musicians that are playing in countless projects and bands, do you think he'll have enough time to take things a step further with Soulemission?
Benny had a connection with Menthor through doing the live sound of Enthroned. At one point he asked if he was willing to play drums for us on the record. Luckily he said yes and he recorded the drums at his house. We are very pleased with the result! But this was just on a session basis. Right now we are looking at other options for drummers.
Niklas Kvarforth is also credited for a special appearance, what do you mean by that? Tell us more.
We have a song called Seas of Emptiness which is really slow and dark. It was Benny’s idea to ask Niklas if he would do guest vocals because his vocal style would fit this song perfectly. We sent him the song and he recorded his vocals in Sweden and sent it back. We were all amazed with the result. We recently put this song online so check it out people!
You have recently released your first official track, how are the reactions so far? 
So far the reactions have been great but we are hoping to reach more people. It is hard these days to convince people to take the time to listen to your music. Everybody is busy and it seems that a lot of people don’t have the patience anymore to sit through a 6 minute plus song. But we keep on trying.
Last year, by this time, you also released a teaser for your debut album featuring cuts from all tracks that would make this album, but the product is not out yet, why? 
The reason is mainly because Benny had an extremely busy year with touring as a soundman. So it wasn’t the right time to get things going. He decided to cut back on doing live sound so now we have more time to give our band the attention that it needs.
Could you please describe the tracks featured on this upcoming album? How would you describe Soulemission's music?
I think the basis for our sound lies in the Scandinavian extreme metal as it was played mid nineties by bands like Dissection. It’s just a great mix between black/death metal and old heavy/speed metal. So it’s extreme but with dark melodies and some dynamics. That’s what we were aiming for. There is a lot of variety on this album, each song stands on his own and there’s a lot going on. There is also the occasional acoustic guitar and keyboard/piano for the atmosphere.
What's the ultimate goal with Soulemission? Do you also plan on playing live shows at some point?
We are hoping to set that up. But the ideal situation for us is to first have a record out and then start performing live. So we are working on both. I think our music would do very well live.
As I see it from far away, the Dutch Extreme Metal scene was and still is a highly effervescent one, but how do you see it? Please name some upcoming bands we should keep an eye on.
That’s a tough one for me because I don’t go to concerts that much anymore. Most of the time I’m at home working on my own music. But there are still a lot of metal bands in Holland. There’s a good new Deathmetal band close to where I live named Lucifericon. They play deathmetal the way it was played at the end of the eighties. They are a band to look out for.
What's the next step for the band? What should we expect from you this year?
Hopefully the release of our debut album and some gigs. That’s the most important for us right now. And we are already working on ideas for the next album.
Thanks for your time, the last words are yours.
We want to thank you, Adrian, for sticking your neck out for a new band like us. We appreciate the exposure!
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Interview by Adrian

March 2016