Tomb Mold is a crushing death/black metal band and Derrick answered my questions.
How did the band form and where is the band based out of?
The band is based out of Toronto. Max (drums/vocals) and myself were in between bands and had talked about starting a death metal band for years. We finally did.

I see it is only 2 band members have you ever tried to find a bass player at all or you don’t want to? Have you played lived or any plans on playing live with a fill in bass player?
After we recorded the LP we recruited two of our pals to play bass and 2nd guitar. We play live now as well. Going forward on future recordings, all 4 of us will be involved as opposed to just Max and myself.

Are any of you 2 in any other bands and if so what bands and what do you do in them?
Max runs a label called Summer Isle that specializes in electronic/ambient/power electronics

This can be for whoever does the interview. How did you come to play your instrument and how good do you think you are any who are some of your favorite musicians?
Myself like everyone in our band started as a kid, took lessons and then refined their approach from there. Our favourite musicians are Lee/Lifeson/Pert

The band was released a demo in 2016 called “The Bottomless Perdition”. How did the songs for this come together?
Max and I wrote them over the course of a few practices and recorded them and released it immediately.

Where was the demo recorded at and how long were you in the studio for?
It was recorded in Max's basement, and we were in his basement for a few hours. Then it was finished.

How does the writing of a song come about? Are you guys together or by yourselves?
I come up with the outline and riffs on my own, send them to Max, he gets a feel for them. We jam them together and voila, a song is made!

Now who does the lyrics and what are some of the things you write about?
Max and I share the lyric writing duties. We use subject matter based in cosmic horror but the songs carry deeper themes about societal issues and how we treat the earth as well as each other.

So getting back to demo # 1 did you send it out to any fanzines or webzines? What was the response to the demo if any? What are your thoughts on it these days?
We didn't send it to any publications. The response was overall positive. In retrospect, we're happy with it as a first demo. Its really just us trying to find our footing to make better music down the road.

Later on in 2016 we had a 2nd demo come out called “The Moulting”. Where was this recorded at? Now was this all new songs or was there any re-recorded from the 1st demo?
A quick look at the track listing at the 2nd demo should answer your question. If not, no there are no songs from the first demo on the moulting. All new songs. This was also recorded in Max's basement.

What was the response like to this demo? Are you pretty happy with it?
I like the songs on it a lot. It shows more of a direction that Tomb Mold is moving in with its songwriting approach. The response was also pretty positive.

Now for someone who has never heard the band what would you say you sound like?
If you're a fan of Finnish DM along the lines of Convulse or Demigod, you might enjoy this band.

Now how did you end up hooking up with Blood Harvest Records? Was there any other labels interested and if so what made you go with Blood Harvest?
Blood Harvest reached out and took a chance on us. We're really appreciative of it and we enjoyed working with them. Other labels reached out, but for the LP we committed to blood harvest because we liked their style, Rodrigo seems down to earth, no bullshit, a breeze to work with.

Now in 2017 you have a fantastic new release out called “Primordial Malignity”. Where was this recorded at and how long were you in the studio for? Did the label give you any kind of budget or did they just re-issue your demos onto a CD?
The label helped with the mixing and mastering costs. The drums were tracked at boxcar studios as well as one of the guitar tracks. The rest was recorded in Max's basement. Will at Dead Air studios mixed and mastered the LP. Blood Harvest didn't re-issue our demo's on cd. A quick look at their label however would show you that they re-released our first demo on cassette.

Now let’s talk about your logo. In my opinion it looks really cheesy as you can’t even read it. What are your thoughts on your logo as it is totally unrecogoziable my friend?
I can read it just fine. Yuri Kahan did a great job with it.

Do you guys have any goals as a band or is this mainly for fun and stuff?
We just like writing music, so thats what we're doing. Now that we have a full lineup we will probably do some short tours.

Could you see the band around in say 5 years?
Depends. If we can't write in five years, then probably not. Bands don't stay good forever, best to go out while you're still decent.

Do you plan on doing any promoting of this new release yourselves?
We'll play shows once the record is out, and that is probably the best way for a band to promote itself.

Do you feel there are way too many bands and labels out there these days?
Hmm, maybe that depends on where you are. In Toronto it doesn't feel that way. There are a couple great labels based in Ontario (Vault of Dried Bones and Profound Lore to name a couple) but there isn't an abundance of bands here. We're far from being over-saturated.

Please plug any websites you have.

Any last words, horns up for doing this interview?

Interview by Chris Forbes

December 2016