The death metal band Undead have released one mighty death metal debut on Listenable Records and here is an interview with band member Necros.

How did the band come together and how did you end up joining it? Did any of the members, including you, come from any other name bands?
Necros :
We're back from hell! Everyone knows each other back there! Ahahahahah

What were some of the early practices for the band like? Did you throw together some covers to work on or did you immediately start to write original material? How easy was it for you guys to come up with material?
Undead started like this. I was looking for some guitar riffs and I found the one from <<False Prophecies>>. This reminded me of DEATH. Just for pleasure, I composed 4 tracks, 3 of them are in the album. I then proposed the tracks to the other members that were eager to work on them. So we immediately worked with compositions of our own. All of this was very fluid. We all are familiar with that style; we knew what we needed to do.
Uncommonly, we worked on the « Choke on it » cover (exclusive of the LP Vinyl) once we had all the other tracks ready. We totally assume DEATH influence on UNDEAD's music. It was a deep regret that no one kept the style going since the death of Chuck Schuldiner, That's what motivated me to rekindle the flame.

Who does the songwriting and who comes up with the music? How easy was it to put together the music for your debut release "False Prophecies"?
When we started to work on the album, there were only three tracks. I composed the rest of it at the rate of one track per night for a month. All the tracks of this period are present on the album. This guitar sound is very stimulant in order to create old school death metal riffs, traditionally. Once all the tracks done we had to rearrange them. We cut off some bits, had some other, harmonized the guitar leads and put the vocals on their place to optimize the whole. Then the recording session began.

Now did you end up putting out any demos prior to this release that is out? How did you end up working with Listenable Records and how has it been working with them so far?
: Few are the people that listened to the album demo. Since we made the choice to produce an album, the label directly listened to the album and loved it! Finally, it was very simple to work on some Death Metal with Listenable Records since they know this style perfectly. All has been done almost naturally.

Now this release is one deadly piece of classic death metal. How was it going into the studio to record this and did everything go smoothly and are you pretty much happy with the way it came out?
: We are one with death metal from our roots so we knew how to approach the studio work. Lars Bragten , a sound engineer close to us worked with UNDEAD. He made the right decisions at the right time for the making of this album. We wanted a massive sound, heavy, clear and freshening at the same time. That's exactly what we've gotten for « False prophecies ». We're really proud of the final result because we managed to be tangent to what we were looking for. Lars put a lot of time and effort in the mix, it was a primordial step. The album is homogenous and solid but the mixing of each track was so dissimilar because each one shows a different angle of our music. « Praise the Absurd » which is more progressive wasn't mixed like « Unborn » or « Castrate Humanity »; we wanted something more direct and explicit but also preserving the ethereal aspect of the album.

For someone who has never heard of the band yet, what would you describe your music as?
: Dynamic, acoustic, heavy, powerful, melodic and terrifying are the honorable words to describe our music. We're playing death metal from the early hours of the genre. This era where the borderline between Death Metal and Grind Core was evident, where melody had a justified place amongst the overall structure, where speed wasn't quintessential. « False Prophecies » is close to first DEATH's songs but in the meantime brings a contribution to it. « Unborn » or « Castrate Humanity » could have been the missing link between « Leprosy » and « Spiritual Healing »; we can really find ourselves in this era of the genre.

Do you plan to do any type of touring behind this release? With all these labels and bands out there now, releasing shitty music, how do you plan on making the band stick out away from that crappy music out there?
: UNDEAD on stage can and will be the end of this world! We're thinking about all of that. I think there may be similar bands on the poster that are alike to the genre.

Tell me a little bit about each band member:
: We're but phantoms, there's nothing to know about our past lives.

In any given week, about how much time is spent doing band related stuff?
: It's at a daily rate, so it's difficult to calibrate.

Where do you see the underground scene in 5 and then 10 years from now? Do you even think cds will be around at all? What are your thoughts on all the downloading that goes on these days?
: We cannot foresee anything. Who could have said that Vinyl would be brought back nowadays? Years from now, people were copying albums on tapes without buying them. Is that why the albums weren't selling well? Today everything’s' more accessible. There are way more bands than before, if someone really likes an album he'll buy it. So how to evaluate the underground scene for the next decade?

How did you guys come up with the name for the band and also the name for your debut release? Who came up with the cool cover as well?
: The name of UNDEAD came along the music. It's a good reflect for our project: this Death Metal genre isn't gone! It stood within every single one of us!
The album cover is extracted from a photoshoot we've done. In the beginning it could have been an artwork but then we met this picture and it was evident to us: Alone facing Death in the serpentine trail that is Life. As a track, « False prophecies » is representative to the album so it was there again evidence.

Where is the band based out of and is there a healthy metal scene where you are based out of and have you done any live shows yet?
Necros: We're everywhere now and then the music's played. We haven't done any live representation ... yet. But you'll get the information for the premiere!

When you hear a song for the first time, what do you listen for and in your eyes and ears what makes a great tune?
: Technicity isn't any of my concern. I listen to what music has to offer in itself, as an energy, an emotion. In general, if the music is made with sincerity , there are good chances that it suits me well!

Please plug any websites you have and what are your thoughts on all these social media places that are all over the internet these days?
: I look at a lot of website to have news , for example Decibel or metal injection. Social networks are good relay of information as well !

If you had to do 2 cover tunes, what songs would they be and why.
: Pestilence « Dehydrated ».Rarely have I ever felt so much energy in a Death Metal track ! I think it pleased me as the other members!
Grave : « Eroded » : a brutal track with good symbioses through . The era before they get their swedish sounds.

Good luck with the band and any last words and horns up for doing this interview.
: Thank You for the interview !

Interview by Chris Forbes

May 2015