Vampyromorpha is a rather unique band… their album “Fiendish Tales of Doom” sounds awesome and is clearly a cool listen so we at Pest Webzine decided to have a chat with them.

Why the name Vampyromorpha? Did the idea come from Vampyromorphida which is an order of cephalopods comprising one known extinct species (Vampyroteuthis infernalis)?
Yes correct! Vampyroteuthis infernalis is a beautiful creature on this planet. Like us so we gave this Doom duo the name VAMPYROMORPHA.

The band is described as AOD (Adult Orientated (Horror) Doom). What does this mean? You don’t advise children/teenagers to listen to the band?
Doom listeners are old farting men like the AOR listeners. It was obvious to define VAMPYROMOPRHA as AOD. Metal teenagers just listen to SABATON. We are not interesting for them because we are ugly.

The album was recorded in “blood-curdling stereo”. So, what’s the best description to your sound after all? 
We play heavy shitty horror doom. 

What’s the biggest influence/inspiration for this two-man project?

The band members are not that young. Were you involved in other bands prior to Vampyromorpha? Why have you decided to embark on such a project?
We played together in the Thrash Metal band RUNAMOK. I am also the singer of NAKED STAR (with Tim of SEAMOUNT) and Nemes Black plays also in THE NEW BLACK. We did VAMPYROMORPHA after some basement sessions with a lot of red wine and classic horror movies.

Last year you released  “Fiendish Tales of Doom” through Trollzorn/SPM Records. But I found some online information saying the album was released independently in October 2015. Can you clarify all this please?
The release in October was just the release of a promo with an exclusive track of FALL OUT (pre-CARNIVORE) and the debut album was released in June 2016 via Trollzorn Records.

On MrTrollZorn’s youtube channel there’s a small bio which ends with the statement: “Whoever has the courage to give this sick piece of dark matter a spin – be warned.” Why this warning? Do you think the sound is that terrifying?
Any promotion is good promotion. No words to say.

I listened to the tracks available and they are quite catchy. Which bands inspired you to create such cool music?
Mainly the songwriting was inspired by the SISTERS OF MERCY, MERCYFUL FATE and TYPE O NEAGTIVE.

How is the album being received? What reactions are you getting from fans?
The reactions about the album are amazing. We got a lot of inquiries to play live gigs. So far we didn´t have the time to go on stage.

Were you approached by many labels interested in your sound? 
We had a few offers from record labels and decided us for Trollzorn Records. They are cool and have an interesting band roster.

How complicated is it signing a record deal these days? Do labels want to control all your moves and music?
It´s the same like twenty years before. Write good music and find a supporter to release your songs as an album. But the Metal scene is the only scene you can release albums in the old way. Other music genres have listeners only on Spotify and iTunes. So you it does make more sense to record some hits and release it on streaming platforms. 

The debut contains a Doom-style cover version of FLEETWOOD MAC’s “I’m So Afraid”. That’s quite unusual. Why this song by Fleetwood Mac?
The Fleetwood Mac song „I´m so afraid“ is a great depressive hymn with a dark atmosphere. The song is ideal to create a heavy doom VAMPYROMOPRHA version of it.

Both your official videos “Deliver us from the good” and “Metuschelach” are in black and white. Why this old feeling in the videos?
Black and white videos and movies are the essence in my opinion.

The black and white videos are somehow a way of saying that the music created a few decades ago was much better than the one created today?
Yes indeed. The best and innovative metal music has already been released. New stuff is only interesting when the mixture of different genres is prefect. 

Do you listen to any music released recently? 

The band often works with Goatess Doomwych. What’s so special about her work?
The Goatess Doomwych is a supporter and friend of VAMPYROMORPHA. Also she is a great artist. She creates fantastic artworks influenced by old movies. Great work.

In order to promote the album, will you play some gigs? If so, will you do it as a 2-piece band or will you have session musicians with you?
We have a line up to play live and we have planned to do that. 

If you could go on a tour with a some bands, which bands would you like to do it and why?
We would like to go on tour with LORD VICAR and SAINT VITUS. They are the best doom bands at the moment.

What do you think of all the vampire/zombie fuss that is going on these days on television series/books and so on?
It´s ok but I prefer the classics of Romero, Herzog etc. By the way Klaus Kinski is one of my main inspirations. Think about it.

If you were invited to create the soundtrack to a movie, which movie would you like to grace with your music? (The movie can be old or recent)
I would like to compose a modern heavy NOSFERATU soundtrack with Kinski and Herzog!

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Listen to VAMPYROMORPHA. Thanks!

Interview by Sonia Fonseca

January 2017