Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
We are Vonülfsrëich from Oulu, Finland. The band was founded by me (Yonülf) in 2012. The line-up consisted of three members until our bassist Lempo passed away last year. Since then it's been me and Fogg only.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?
We simply play metal with strong influences from punk and experimental music. The most essential influences for us are the pioneers of black metal (“the first wave” and the early Finnish/Norwegian bands). Poetry-wise we are inspired by Northern-Finnish mentality and mysticism in general.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
You don't have to be a “metalhead” to enjoy our music. If you like raw, un-mediasexy and unpolished metal with no ass-kissing elements, maybe you'll enjoy our music as well.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?
Northern Shamanism EP
Sepulchral Silence EP
Sovereign Forest EP
Spell Of Thunder EP
TBA 2016:
Waiting For The Moon MLP
Hyperborëan Hills LP
The feedback has been mostly positive, although not too fanatic.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
No, we don't play live, and plan not to do that in the future either. Too much social metal activity pisses me off.

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
As lots of other Finnish bands, we have integrity and honesty to do whatever we will, without acting like rockstar drama queens like several Swedish artists do for instance. I don't pay too much attention to people's reactions on our work though. We only do this because we have to.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
To get a hold of our latest vinyl releases. It shouldn't take too long now. After that, I don't care. Things will happen if it's meant to be.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can stream our music on No Fun House Bandcamp page:
If you love physical releases like all the cool guys do, you can get it from Recordshop X and Cursed Tapes, for example. Our early material is sold out though. Only Spell Of Thunder available for now.

October 2016