Country: Poland
Title: O Turniach, jeziorach i nocnych szlakach
Label: Werewolf Promotion
Year: 2016
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Travelling Wind’s "About Turniens, lakes and night trails" included more than 55 minutes’ nostalgia of  neofolk and post-black of closed in the very old black metal style. On this album neofolk rumbling guitar reverberates with a sound machine straight from the time when the seismic metal scene was dominated like the Burzum type. Undoubtedly, the peculiar and probably spontaneous sound connection of black metal and cold wave is also interesting, which adds to this nostalgic flavor. I have listened to many so-called "post-rock-black" sadnesses from different European countries and I really appreciate that the Wandering Wind, despite the poor quality of mastering, climates well with them. It is a pity, however, that the vocals, although full of the pathetic character of the genre, are barely audible, as if from the background, from the abyss, from thick dens – or just from the toilet recorded with use walkman’s headphones, heh..  It's a pity, because the Wandering Wind texts are really good. Well, but I understand - such a style, such oldschool, such „true blackmetal” ... This programmatic, black metal "austerity for the chosen" has its irresistible charm and actually it sounds better than from the grave but it had power than it was supposed to be professionally digitally polished but boring? However this  kind of "dirt" music is in its own way taken from folks...  Tracks "Call from granite strongholds", "I, Wind", "On The Lanskie Lake" and "At the feet of the dreaming King of the Tatra Mountain" have the power of a written word and it is a really respectable Slavic poetry. That's why it's worth to read in a nice printed booklet attached to the CD. The long pieces are conducive to reflection and rozkminom all at the time of listening - and this note goes very well later in the evening, when the window behind the last night lights disappear behind the dense horizon of the forest (or suburbs’ blocks, heh...).
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 6/10