Wombbath are a crushing death metal band with a new release out called “Downfall Rising” and have reunited after 22 years!!! Here is an interview band member Hakan:



Ok who is still in the band that was in the band way back when over 20 years ago? What is the current line-up of the band these days?

t’s just me, Håkan, who’s still in the band and the current lineup is:
Håkan Stuvemark: Guitars
Jonny Pettersson: Vocals
Al Riglin: Guitars
Henrik Åberg: Drums
Johan Momqvist: Bass

This is the recording Lineup on the new album:
Håkan Stuvemark: Guitars
Jonny Pettersson: Vocals
Jeramie Kling: Drums
Taylor Nordberg: Additional guitar
Thomas Von Wachenfeldt: Vocals
Samuel Englund: Vocals

Now way back in 1992 you entered the studio to record an & Ep called 7" "Several Shapes”. What are your thoughts on this release days and I imagine the response to it was great as that was when death metal was on the ride big time back then? I imagine this release goes for a lot of money there days?
I think it’s quite a gory sounding Ep. Bad sound in my opinion ha ha but still has its charm.  The response was quite good but as I can recall. I’ve seen it on Ebay and such for about 35 euro. 

Later on this same year you recorded your 1st full length called “Internal Caustic Torments". What are your thoughts on this these days and was there any pressure on the band at all as it was your first full length and death metal was about to peak so to speak? Is this release still for sale and who released it?
I think it is a very strong album, still kicking. I think we didn’t feel any pressure. Maybe we had some kind of euphoria. Nah it was all fun, very fun especially since we were young, 16-17 when we recorded it. We recorded the demo, Ep and full-length the same year. January, June and October. 

What are your thoughts these days on your 1994 release on Napalm Records called “Lavatory". Some have called in non-death metal. Would you agree with that?
Total crap! Nothing less and I can almost agree that it it’s non-metal. If you listen carefully you can hear a few metal riffs ha ha.

What caused the band to break up and looking back was that the right thing to do? Did you end up joining any other bands?
The reasons were that we just couldn’t write well and I guess it was quite boring. After Lavatory we recorded a full-length for Napalm records but it was never released.
The very last DM songs we wrote never got recorded in studio but can be found on You Tube on a live show 1993.
Yes I did join other forces. End of 1995 In Thy Dreams was born and did three releases, split up around 2000, in 2007 I joined Vicious (now Grand-Exit) and I left them in 2009 and started the project Skineater which released a full-length Dermal Harvest in 2013.  Now it’s Wombbath again and sometimes I do additional guitar stuff on some Just Before Dawn songs.

Now did you stay in touch over the years on what was going in the underground and how death metal for the most part has become a joke with only a few bands being any good?
No I have never since 1993 been good about what’ happening. I don’t have the cravings to. I like my old records and some new to of course. SO many other things to think of as well AND I do not only listen on DM.  Any good music in my ears = Good music!

So now how did the idea come about to have the band get back together and besides the only original member, were any of the other original members contacted?
Wombbath has always been close to me and the first idea, maybe not to give Wombbath life again but play DM, was 2005 when we had a reunion gig here in Sala but after that not much happened. 2010 Necroharmonic Records did a reissue of ICT album and it was talk about play at Rites Of Darkness fest in Texas U.S but some lost interest AND it’s about economy too to get there. And I as mentioned 2013 Pulverized Records did a reissue too of the ICT album. Not necessary to have the complete old crew?! How many bands are original 20 years later? I want it solid, all on the same line and I have always been in contact with Richard. Could say we were the core!

Was there any thought of using another name for the band and not Wombbath?

How did you come in contact with Dark Descent Records and were any other labels wanting to sign the band?
Actually I signed for this album on Pulverized Records and they are cooperating with Dark Descent Records and there wasn’t any label hunt info’s this. This album happen, in one way, due to the 20th anniversary reissue Pulverized released 2013 on which I did a remake of Silent As The Grave entitled 20:13 Silence Unveiled. Though we have signed for two more albums on Soulseller records.

How was it going into the studio to record “ Downfall Rising” and how easy did the songs and lyrics come together?
It’s partially recorded in studio. I wrote the music and recorded the guitars and bass at home (Except for the song Paid In Blood that former bass player Richard wrote, with only a few adjustments by me), Jeramie recorded the drums at his Studio Smoke & Mirrors. However long story short, guitars and bass I did at home, vocals by the vocalists at their places. All sent to Jeramie for revamping and all that. Then the mixing journey began.  Turned out quite Evil!

Obviously the music scene has changed big time over the years with fanzines pretty much gone and bands now having the internet and lots of other places to promote their music. Do you plan on taking advantage of this?
We have a guy doing promotion and booking for us now so that’s our thing out of it. It is not easy even when you have the internet ahead of you.  You still need to know how to reach out and have and or use the right contacts. (totally agree-cf)

Do you hope to play live a lot or do any type of touring at all?
yeah, we will do live shows. Have a few already which I can’t say at the moment but it is out in Europe!

Please plug any websites you have.

For someone who has not heard of the band, what would you say you sound like?
Hm, Ok. Well what shall I say? Nowadays it’s more Entombed, Dismember, old Wombbath, US DM. Back in the days it was more UK and US DM.

Any last words thanks for the interview.
Not more than you all out there should keep eyes and ears open for the Downfall Rising release and upcoming live shows!

Interview by Chris Forbes


August 2015





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