Greetings Vulk, it's already a year since the tragic accident that took away two of your band members and most probably very good friends, how are your feelings towards the upcoming mini-tour with Kult ov Azazel?
Greetings Adrian! Yes, it’s been over a year, though it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all. The wreck took my best friend and creative partner, Ian McKinney (better known as N. Vathron), as well as our live bassist and good friend, Paul Truesdell. The upcoming Archons ov Darkness mini-tour with Kult ov Azazel is something that we have wanted to do for quite some time, and we are very excited to go back out on the road with a band who we consider to be brothers and close allies.

Will this be like a continuation of the last year tour? Does it feel like closing a circle, closing a chapter?
This tour is not a continuation of the Reich ov Khaos tour, at least not for us. The fact is that we have a different lineup for obvious reasons. It does, however, feel like we are wiping the slate clean and as you said, closing a circle. It feels like redemption and a way to set right some of the tragedy that we were involved in previously.

How did the other members of the band involved in that accident manage to continue with their day to day life? How was your first rehearsal after it?
Our first rehearsal after the accident felt awkward for sure, and there was of course a sense of sadness that our brothers whom we lost were not there with us, but as we continued to play, we felt the sense of reinvigoration and (almost) normalcy. Those of us in the band who did not pass away were all injured to varying degrees, with my injuries being relatively minor compared to Profana and Wyvern, who were both in critical condition and almost didn’t make it. However, there was never any question as to whether or not we would continue. We walk the path of no return and we have fully committed ourselves to this vision and creation. Wormreich will only die when the rest of us are shoveled into our graves.

Wyvern plays live in a wheelchair? How is he recovering?
Yes, currently Wyvern is wheelchair-bound due to spinal injuries sustained in the wreck, but he is improving every day. The good news is that he will walk again, the only question is how long it will take before that happens. Despite this, he has been incredibly upbeat and optimistic, and as I previously alluded to, he has made great strides in his recovery, even to the point where he is able to stand for short periods of time. I don’t think that I have met anyone with more passion and resolve than Wyvern.

Although it sounds cynical, the popularity of the band went through the roof after the accident, I'm curious if you received more positive, sympathethic thoughts, or on the contrary, more hate and insults from the ones who don't approve your vision.
Most of what we had received from people has been very positive and supportive, even from many of those who hold opposite beliefs from our own. Of course, there were some small-minded, cowardly fuckers who used the event as an opportunity to show the world how idiotic and hypocritical they truly are. This only motivated us more and strengthened our resolve to continue on, to only become more extreme in both our sound and ideology, and to essentially say “fuck you” to those moronic wastes of space and oxygen. Our music is fueled by passion and hatred, and will forever remain that way! Nobody wants to be known as the band who fell victim to a horrible tragedy, but we have endured. What happened cannot be erased and all we can do is move forward and focus our energies on creating new works of evil and Satanic devotion.

Please tell us a few words on the new members of the band, Tezrian and Thorgrin. Are they already involved in composing music for the band, or so far it was only about rehearsing old stuff?
As far as the new members are concerned, guitarist Thorgrin is a close friend of the band who was one of the primary members of Profana’s band prior to Wormreich called Blood Stained Dusk, and was also until recently the vocalist of the death metal band Chaos Inception. He played with us in 2013 for one show on keyboards, though due to his schedule at the time, he was unable to participate with us anymore. That situation has changed and we brought him in not only as someone to play the parts I have written, but to contribute his own creative input to future works. Our new bassist Tezrian, despite being fairly young, is an extremely impressive musician and is diehard about working with us. She will also be adding her input to new material when needed. Currently we have been working mainly to catch them up and have them well-versed in our previous, as well as live, material.  

Since we're talking about new stuff please tell us what's next for Wormreich in terms of releases, a new split is in sight for this Summer, right?
Yes, this coming May 28th will see the release of a four-way split CD between ourselves, Vesterian, Diabolus Amator, and Gravespawn entitled “Infirmos Vocat Deus Fidei”, due out through Black Plague Records (USA) and Symbol of Domination (Belarus). Afterwards we plan on releasing those tracks on 12” vinyl in the form of a split with Kult ov Azazel. We will also be releasing a split 7” with Hod sometime in the near future as well.

You also have a name for the upcoming full-length album, "Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void". Please tell us something about it, about its tracks and lyrical themes. Is it already recorded? What label will release it?
“Vril” is an album that we have been working on for quite some time, that was unfortunately delayed for over a year due to the wreck. So far, I have been doing a lot of the writing for the album by myself, but soon I will be taking the material to my bandmates for arranging and additional input. The album is promising to be our most intense and extreme effort to date. Lyrically, as before, I have been focused on my own interpretations of my own particular Satanic beliefs, however I have also been expanding on the ideas of mortality, legacy, and the hereafter, due to the events that occurred. The album itself will be entirely dedicated to the memory of Ian (N. Vathron), Paul (Vidarr), and Nick Crisostomo (Dyret) of Khaotika, who also perished in the tragedy. Currently Moribund Records is set to release the album, but we shall see what opportunities come our way before we enter the studio to record the master version of the release.

How's the current Black Metal scene in USA and how's the audience of this genre? How is it for a Black Metal band to tour the States nowadays? How do you manage to transpose your message on stage?
Unfortunately the Black Metal “scene” in the USA has always been fairly weak, with some notable exceptions. There are countless bands, but most seem to be soulless carbon-copy clones of the more influential and worthwhile European bands. Touring as a black metal band in the US is extremely difficult, as the support (financial or otherwise) is simply hard to come by. I am sure that if we were a tech-death band or something along those lines, it would be easier to embark on worthwhile US tours, however we only wish to do what we are passionate about, regardless of the obstacles. We have always tried to focus our physical and spiritual energies on stage in order to channel that which we are attempting to invoke. We simply serve as a gateway to the spectacular horrors and awe-inspiring power of the beyond.

Are you planning more tours for this year? Maybe outside of the States, too?
Yes, definitely. As some may know, we’ve recently signed on with Alpha Omega Management, a touring / management company based out of Italy. Strategically, I believe that this was a very good move for us. More US tours are currently in the works, and, aside from our scheduled appearance at Under the Black Sun festival in Berlin, Germany this summer, more European, and even possibly some South American shows are all on the agenda. As far as what actually happens and will be confirmed, it’s hard to say until we receive word that these tours / shows are set in stone, but what I can say is that it will definitely be a very busy year for Wormreich. We will continue to scar the earth with our fury and total devotion to the black flame, so all should beware!

Interview by Adrian

April 2016